Thursday, January 26, 2017

Christmas Prep

Winter with kids takes some work and creativity. It takes: LOTS of snow clothes which take 15 minutes to put on for only 5 minutes of actual play time in the snow, all different kinds of craft supplies for days that are just too cold, random ways to get energy out indoors, and lots of patience. 

Even though winter can get long, I loved it as a kid and I want my kids to love it too! And that means I have to be prepared for a lot of wet snow clothes all over my house.

Lize is 1 month old here. Such a good baby!

Mitch's (future) work party. It was 70's theme. So Mitch wore his African shirt. Makes sense. We made 92$ by bowling so that was fun! Date nights are the best...even when Lize gets to tag along.

Ruby and Rhett loved acting out the Nativity. Most of our family nights during December ended up with this scene. 

Peterson Gingerbread House making. Lisa makes homemade gingerbread houses and provides all the candy and our kids are the lucky recipients. Love this tradition!

Another fun tradition during Christmas is going to see the Grand America windows. My kids love it! Especially with cousins! 


Hatch's Chocolates for the after party...

Rhett begged me to make Christmas cookies for a long time before I gave in (they're always so much work- and I wasn't feeling up to it with a newborn). Mitch made the dough and we cooked and decorated them the next day. It was a mess, but worth it! It entertained the kids for most of the morning.

Mindy saved us so many times by letting us come to her house. I didn't want to take Eliza out while she was so little so it helped so much to just get out of our house and have our cousins to play with!

Boxes are great winter entertainment...

Christmas lights on Temple Square- always so beautiful!


Trying to soak in as much snuggle time with Eliza as I can. It goes too fast!

Grocery shopping with Daddy is way more fun!

We tried to do some of the Light the World stuff as a family and one day we made these little kits to hand out to people who are out on the streets. Rhett and Ruby loved filling the bags with waters, snacks, and treats. Rhett LOVES when we get to hand them out. 

We went hiking up Millcreek canyon the week before Christmas and it was so beautiful! It felt so good to be outside, see the blue skies and sun, and let the kids run and get some energy out.

Rhett and Tagg just loved climbing up these steep hills. The more energy they burn, the better!

Mindy basically hauled my kids in the sled the whole time. She is the best! This old guy on snowshoes saw our troop getting out of our car and questioned how far we would make it, till we passed him on the trail! And then he passed us while the boys were climbing up the steep hills and never saw him again.

Lize slept the whole time. Such a dream! 

My kids favorite thing every morning during December was finding where our elf Joy would be. Here she is reading a book in Eliza's crib. Ruby stole the book back. She's pretty sassy. 

We had such a fun December! The Christmas season is so magical with kids.

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  1. Snow, Christmas, family, babies! It doesn't get any better. :D