Monday, August 7, 2017

Lovely Logan

My sister moved to Logan for school (and Tanner) so we decided to go visit her and see Baby Animal Days up there. Mitch had some time off during residency and we always have to take advantage of that since it's rare!

The kids loved all the cute baby animals- and Rhett was in heaven holding a baby turtle! 

It was such a beautiful spot in Logan. We decided we better snap a family pic and that's always a good idea with three kids. Most of them end up like this...

Luckily, this one turned out better but if you look closely, Rhett's eyes and lips are super swollen. We found out he is allergic to one of the animal he touched at the farm. I guess we'll find out the next time he touches it. 

It was so fun seeing this girl in her new spot. We got to visit her apartment, go to dinner, and spend lots of quality time with just her.

Rhett's poor swollen lip and eyes. Luckily, we have a pediatrician in the house. 

Natsy's complex even had a mini bowling alley in it. The kids were definitely impressed. 

Gotta get the hotel with the pool.

Ruby wasn't feeling the swimming so we played instead...

The next morning, we met up with Natsy and went up Logan Canyon. It was beautiful!

 The kids rode bikes while we walked and Nats rollerbladed. She was hilarious going downhill and kept calling herself our fourth child while she held our hands to keep from falling. 

Little Miss Stubborn Indepedent Ruby.

Birthday Boys

I love April for a lot of reasons, but celebrating my two boys has to be one of my favorites things about this month. Mitch was turning 31 and Rhett was turning 5. Too old!

 On Mitch's birthday we got Korean food (Mitch's favorite) and went to see the cherry blossoms at the capitol.

Mitch tried to convince Rhett to try some kim chi but he wouldn't get anywhere near it. 

The cherry blossoms were so beautiful! 

Then we stopped at the outlets while the kids slept and Mitch got to use his birthday money at his favorite store- Nike.  

Mitch's brothers came over to play tennis (which ended up being handball) and of course ended the night with pie for the birthday boy.

Mitch spent the night of his birthday prepping for Rhett's party the next day. What a dad.

Rhett woke up and had to break through some streamers to get out of his room and loved seeing some presents waiting for him. I love this birthday boy sooo much! He is so good and kind and such a good brother. He loves his sisters fiercely and tells me often that he wants 1,000 more siblings. Then we compromise and he says maybe 9?

He loves creating anything and everything from whatever supplies he has- plastic forks, play-do, tinfoil, blocks, wood, or just paper. He blows us away with his creativity. He loves playing with friends, especially his cousins. Rhett loves riding his bike, playing Wild Kratts, and Super Hero kids. He loves snakes, sharks, foxes, lizards, and most other animals. He loves anything salty and crunchy especially chips and nuts. He loves vanilla ice cream and milano cookies. He loves his dad and any time he gets with him. And still loves snuggling with me. Good thing. He's growing up too fast and can't wait for kindergarten.

Rhett wanted a Paw Patrol party and even helped decorate his own cake! 


Mitch had the day off and was so excited to help out with his part. He made up all sorts of Paw Patrol missions that the kids loved. He is so good with kids.

We are so lucky with all of Rhett's cute friends and cousins. What great influences for Rhett to grow up around.  

Happy birthday Mitch and Rhett! We couldn't love you more!