Wednesday, January 23, 2013

9 months

Things you Love

-Clementines- you can't eat these fast enough!
-Hangers- when we walk through Target you have to hold at least two or three
-Dancing- You started dancing to the song played on the little dump truck at Grandma's house.
-Cousins- You love them up in your face, giving you toys every five seconds, climbing all over you!
You and Tagg get so excited to play together.
-Dogs- you get so excited when you see a dog!
-Sleeping with Mom and Dad
-Grocery shopping
-Watching dad play basketball
-Reading books

Things you don't like:

-when dad has to go to work
-being hungry
-getting out of the bath

Things we Love about you:

-Your never ending smile
-The way you get silly when you're tired
-You've started cuddling stuffed animals which is so sweet
-How tough you are
-Your kisses