Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday Boy

My baby turned one. I can't believe it! I have a one year old. How did that happen? I feel like I just barely figured out how to change a diaper and give a newborn a bath.

 Now I am getting used to dirt, rocks, scrapes, bumps, bruises, tantrums, and best of all, hugs and kisses, laughing fits, tickling, hide and seek, first words, animals noises, and something new by tomorrow I'm sure. I can't keep up!

Rhett is so full of life and personality which makes being his mom so much fun and so very tiring! I love this little crazy boy so much!

The day started out in his birthday suit of course.

Daddy was working nights so he was supposed to be sleeping during the day, but he couldn't miss your first birthday.

We went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and it was the perfect place for your first birthday lunch. You wore your birthday crown (thankfully- usually you won't wear hats) so everyone knew it was your birthday.

This was a good plan because you scored free birthday balloons and a cute little Chick-Fil-A cow and two free ice creams. Two of the workers there were loving spoiling you.

Demanding more ice cream...

Off to the zoo next...

The meerkat even stopped to say Happy Birthday...

Dad was so excited to do this tradition they do in Korea on their first birthdays. You put the baby in the middle of a circle of different things and see what they crawl to first and that is what they will be interested in. You crawled straight to a picture of our family! Glad you love us too.

Dad had to go to work so we quickly ripped open your presents, and watched you eat your first piece of cake. You loved it!

You got one of your new favorite books from my sweet friend Martha and her little girl Louise,

and lots of other fun presents.

The next night, you helped Daddy put together one of your favorite presents, a rocking horse from Nana! You loved the drill and feeling like Daddy's helper. 

On Saturday, we had your little party. We had so much fun planning it. Your sweet aunt Mindy made your adorable invites...

We made lots of cakes for the party and loved decorating them. Mitch always ends up being more talented than me. He was in charge of decorating the Lone Star cake for Rhett.

Some of the details of your Texan picnic...

You loved playing with your friends and running around the park. We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather. 

Getting a picture with all the babies was pretty impossible. 

Happy Birthday Rhett! We love you!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

I love everything about Easter, especially when you haven't seen green grass or flowers in months (Utah). Where I live now, roses bloom outside our window all year long and green grass has to be mowed once a week and wake up my baby from his naps.

But I won't complain about the wonderful winters here, I just miss the first of spring in Utah where everything comes alive again. It reminds me of what Easter is all about, Jesus Christ and his resurrection and atonement for us. Being a Mormon, I believe that because Jesus Christ died for me, and because of his atonement, my family can live together forever. What a blessing!

The week before Easter, we went to an egg hunt downtown with our playgroup which was a blast! It lasted a total of 1 minute and was a little chaotic, but Rhett loved being outside with his buds. 

On Easter Sunday, we had our Easter basket hunt, which Rhett found in his favorite hiding place!

Poor little guy wasn't too excited about sitting still for pictures

Too bad about those wasted Cadbury eggs on the ground...glad those things are only around for Easter and Christmas!

Mom I found a rock! Even better than anything you spent money on and put in my basket.

I'm grateful for Easter, my Savior, and my family. Life is good. Better than I ever imagined it could be with these two boys in my life!

Monday, April 8, 2013

11 months

11 months status...

Peeks into your personality

- You HAVE to be walking at all times. You grab onto our fingers and try to stand up wherever you are. You do it sitting in your high chair, sitting in the shopping cart, or when you're still half asleep. I've already experienced a couple of tantrums because you couldn't walk through the entire grocery store or Hobby Lobby or parking lot.

- You have learned that the sound of the microwave means either a plate of mixed veggies or a sweet potato. I love watching your little head poke around the kitchen bar from your high chair when the beep goes off, and you get so excited for FOOD!

-You love food and make the best noises as you eat. Mmmm, ma ma ma ma, yaaaay, oooohh. You put things in your mouth as fast as you can. Your mouth is full and you try and chew more and more. You like to have the whole strawberry or the whole piece of bread and try to break it up for yourself.

- You get giggly and silly when you get tired, not grumpy- I love it!

- You love making lots of noise and echoing rooms. You talk into cups, bowls, etc to make your voice louder. When you get in a new place, you try it out to see if it will echo by going eh, eh, and then get louder and louder till you're screaming.

- You love trying to figure out buckles on your carseat, stroller, high chair

- You love play dates with your buds while we craft

- You always want to be outside! You crawl over to the door, stand yourself up, and bang on the door till we go outside. If I even say, 'should we go outside?' you book it toward the door and I better be ready to go!

 - You are really into books right now. Sometimes you sit still for the whole book, sometimes you just turn the pages as fast as you can to get to the end.

 -You are into everything! Cupboards, fridge, shelves, laundry, whatever I am working on. I love that you like playing by me.

- You love your puppy. You sleep with him, cuddle with him, and throw him around when you feel like it.

- Bath time is always fun! You splash, stand up, clap, and always have to pull the plug on the drain.

It's hard to wait for mom to fill up the bath...

Every new stage is so much fun to watch you go through. Love you Rhett!

Dad's contribution to the photo shoot.