Wednesday, March 13, 2013

10 months

Things You LOVE

-Swinging doors
-Hangers!!! I would call this an unhealthy obsession

-The fireplace
-My computer. You love getting into cords!
-scooting, crawling
-Standing and cruising in your crib
-Other babies, kids, strangers, anybody that will look at you
-birds, lizards, fish, dogs, any animal that moves
-black beans, eggs, craisins, and anything we're eating
-Going to the zoo- not sure if you're more interested in the kids or animals?
-Trader Joe's
-The sound of the car turning off- you know you get to get out! Your little feet start running in place in your carseat!
-The sound of dad's keys in the door
-Dancing with dad (more like getting thrown around)
-Opening and closing drawers over and over

Things You don't Like

-Blankets on you when you sleep in our bed (a bad habit formed in Utah). One time, Daddy brought you in with just a diaper on and a blanket. Well I thought you'd be cold without it so I laid you next to me and covered you and you fell asleep, or so I thought. Pretty soon, you started pedaling and kicking your legs till you could get that blanket off of you!!

-Being stuck in the car for 9 hours. We drove to Destin, Florida and even though you were such a good sport, you do not like being strapped down for that long. 

Things I love about you

-When I am putting you down for a nap, you could be half asleep with eyes almost shut, and if you catch me peeking at you for a split second, you start giggling and then that makes me laugh so I can't help but tickle you to get you to laugh more, and then we're back at square one. But I just can't resist that little smile and giggle. You get me every time.

-You are super determined to learn how to do something in your own time. You finally learned how to crawl (you kept scooting) at 10 months in the soft Florida sand!

- You are starting to copy what we say or do. When we say "so big" you raise your arms up over your head and smile. You growl, say "caw caw" like a parrot, and pant like a dog.

- You love to sit on our laps and read books. When I turn to some pages, you get really excited because you know what actions we are going to do, you are so smart!

-You love clapping. You have the cutest little hands and smile so big when we all clap. 

You are still a momma's boy 

Cruisin around your crib leaves no time for naps! You're too busy to sleep.

 until you were so tired you just folded in half. 

You also like having no pants on. This was the second time you had taken your pants off that day.

You are looking more and more like a little boy and not a baby. Your hair is getting thicker and longer and you are thinning out as you keep moving.

You weren't really in the mood for pictures...

We love you RGP!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

You will never believe what happened to me on Valentine's Day. Mitch had an 8 hour date with someone else. On Valentine's Day. Luckily it wasn't another woman. It was called Step 1. The biggest test of medical school. On Valentine's Day. I can not imagine taking a test for 8 straight hours. I would give up!

Mitch was studying for long hours right up until the test. He was sweet enough to come to the park with us and study.

He even got me flowers before the test day because he knew he wouldn't have time the day of Valentine's. The tulips were "from Rhett" and the roses were from him. I loved that he made Rhett part of the tradition.

Mitch was so relieved to be done and Rhett and I were so proud of him! 

Way to go Daddy! 

We celebrated by opening our Valentine's packages from both of our sweet moms. Rhett got lots of Valentine's from his cousins and second cousins. We missed the annual family Valentine's party. He loved them all. 

"Geez I could get used to this."

"Mommy can I have just a little lick?"

 I got Mitch a cute shirt, and he got me a cute shirt. We think alike. I made him chocolate covered strawberries- my favorite! So in a way I made them for me. Rhett got some noisy maracas and his favorite wagon wheel snacks.

We told Rhett how much we loved him all day. Just like every other day.

The past two Valentine's we went to dinner at Ruth's Chris (thanks to my parent's Christmas present) but with Rhett, I thought I could bring Ruth's Chris to us.

We had yummy steak, au gratin potatoes, rolls, roasted parmesan asparagus, and key lime pie.
It was a tasty romantic candlelit dinner- complete with red lips on the straws.

I love Valentine's Day! 
Especially when I get to celebrate it with my two loves.

Happy Valentine's Day from this hunk!