Sunday, December 21, 2014


We had a blast in St. George celebrating an early Thanksgiving. Mitch wasn't able to come down with us and we missed him! We switched off watching each other's kids and went to see the Hunger Games together. So fun!

 We did a Turkey Fun run! My mom and dad walked with the kiddos but we ended up having to take them and carry them to the finish. Cute lil mascot.

 St. George's swimming pool is the best! And having time with Natsy before she left on her mission was even better. 

Of course my mom made an incredible and beautiful meal. The kid's table was adorable.

 The whole church crew 

On the actual day of THanksgiving, we celebrated in the orchard with a deep fried turkey from Memphis by Tal. We had no fancy tables or decorations, and it was just fun to be together! That night, we went over to Al and Julie's for Thanksgiving dinner and had such a good night with the Petersons.


Somehow this was the only picture I snapped at the Petersons. Nothing like a post turkey nap!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

November 2014

I love fall! and it's even better sharing it with these two kiddos. Ruby is getting bigger and looking less and less like a newborn. It goes too fast!

We had an exciting day with a crane right in our back yard. They were taking down the big tree fort in front of Tal and Johanna's soon to be apartment.

We took family pictures with the Wagstaffs. It's always tough getting all the kids to sit still at the same time and look at the camera. And of course Rhett had scraped his nose the week of pictures.

We got to dress Ruby up in her cold weather clothes and she was obviously happy about it.  


Nothing like waking up to these two rosy cheeked babes 

I love being a mom to these two!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Deer Valley Retreat

Mitch had an intern retreat up at Deer Valley with all of the first year residents when Ruby was three weeks old. Families were invited and the U paid for hotels and food so we thought why not?! Mitch had quite a bit of time where he was in meetings and trainings so I was worried about being alone with two kiddos out and about all day, but it was too tempting not to go. 

Thank goodness for a heated pool. Rhett can't pass up a pool, even if it's freezing outside.

Trying to keep Ruby Jane warm watching the boys swim 

We didn't get much sleep with this little one partying all night.  

While Mitch was in meetings all day, we went and explored the Park City ski resort and went for a little "hike." Mostly Rhett just played with rocks and watched the mountain bikers go by.

 Then we went and stopped at the chocolate factory and chose some treats. Love that little boy peeking on the treats.

It was a little tough doing two on my own out and about that long, but was definitely worth it. It was so beautiful up in Park City and Deer Valley. 

And the time we got all together made it all worth it.