Sunday, June 26, 2016


 I love spring in Utah! The weather is beautiful and everything starts growing again! I just had to document a few fun things we did this spring before I forget.

Rhett loved playing on his Blue Dragons soccer team. We played with a few kids from our ward and Mitch got to be the coach, when he wasn't working. Rhett always got sad when someone else was coaching and would say, "I want dad to be the boss." Most of the time, Rhett was off in his own little world and didn't get too into the actual game, but every once in a while he'd get a kick in.

See #13 sitting down in the middle of the field... happened more than once. And I'm totally ok with him not being super competitive yet. 

I'm just glad he had a blast!

We love our walking buddies Paige and Tammy. Tammy watched Ruby for me one day while I went to an appt and she sent me this darling picture of the two girls together.

Rhett and Ruby eating breakfast together doing their typical cheers...Rhett told me "If you don't have milk, you don't have a house."

Ruby just enjoying the beautiful spring weather with a rare afternoon off for Mitch

At the end of April, we got a puppy! She is a golden retriever and such a good dog. We named her Tilley and the Mitch and kids are in love with her. I am learning to love her. She is a lot of work but getting easier.

Ruby loves being in charge of somebody. She loves telling Tilley what to do and "good girl Tilley, good girl." 

Rhett's spring sing at preschool. He loves performing and did a great job! I love seeing his confidence and goofy fun personality with his friends at school. He loved being in Tagg's class this year.

Had to capture these two after bath time- Naked but wearing shoes- and Ruby in Rhett's shoes. They are quite the pair.

Lots of church naps with 1:00 church. Love seeing Ruby snuggle right up to her daddy.

 Fun with cousins at Grandma's- and Rhett couldn't be happier about being in charge of holding Tilley during the car ride home. 

We went to the Tulip Festival for the first time and it was amazing! So beautiful and felt like we were in Europe. Rhett slept through most of it and was so confused when he woke up at the end.

Three cheers for spring!!