Friday, January 6, 2017

Life with Liza

I absolutely love the newborn stage and it goes by faster and faster with each baby. I really can't believe I have three kids. I swear I just got married. Rhett and Ruby are so in love with Eliza and are so sweet to her. I never feed Eliza alone- usually I have Rhett and Ruby on either shoulder trying to get her attention. Sometimes I get claustrophobic but ya know I've gotten used to the crowd.

Eliza is the perfect third child. She is so easy. She napped really well for the first 5 weeks, but recently has started more cat napping. She can go 5-6 hours at night but usually does closer to 4. She is so easy to calm and usually only cries when she's hungry or over tired. She is so patient with Rhett and Ruby pulling on her and loving on her and being right in her face.

She already has lots of nick names: Lizey (mine), Liza, Lize, Eliza Moo-moo (Rhett and Ruby call her this all the time) Ruby calls her Noo-nee, and Mitch calls her Eliza Lynn.

Lize loves bath time, nursing, and telling me the cutest stories. Her smile melts me every time. She will happily sit in her swing or on her play mat for a little while if I'm getting lunch ready or the kids dressed.

Her first bath without her cord! The kids loved helping. And Rhett was so glad to see the cord go. He is so creeped out of it for some reason. He made sure I threw it in the very bottom of the garbage.

Mitch had THREE weeks of paternity leave which was amazing! It made everything so much easier for me and the kids. Eliza stayed home with Mitch while we went to visit my Grandpa Stan's grave on Veteran's Day with my mom, Rhett, and Ruby.

Lots of leaves to clean up in our yard!

Mitch stayed with the girls while they napped and Rhett and I snuck away to see Trolls! I love having one on one time with each of my kids!

Bomps finally got to hold Eliza after he got over his cold. 

Sisters are such a blessing!

And so are big brothers. And Rhett is THE best big brother. 

Three kids is a lot, even for two of us. Had to document Mitch trying to get these two ready for church. Ruby climbing on his legs while doing up Rhett's bow tie.

Rhett had been watching me take all these photos of Lize and really wanted to use the camera. He took this one of Ruby and I love it!

Life with Liza is busy, crazy, and hard, especially now that Mitch is back at work and working 13-14 hour days with no weekends off, but somehow I've never been happier. These three kids bring me the greatest joy and I am so proud and lucky to be their mother. I count it as my greatest blessing. Now if I could just catch some sleep.....

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