Thursday, January 5, 2017

St. George with a 2 week old

When Eliza was 2 weeks old, we packed up our van and headed to our family St. George house. It was the perfect get away for the older kids and especially Mitch. He's not used to staying home all day. It was good for all of us!


Just the craziness of three...

When your dad lets you eat a chocolate donut in the car 

We found an awesome indoor pool with a huge water slide!

Ruby has to do everything I do to Eliza to her baby dolls. But that really means that I have to do it. She asks me to change her baby's diaper and goes through Eliza's outfits to get her doll something to wear. So cute of Ruby but kind of exhausting for me.

Swig cookies and (BIG drink for me)  

So we had a lot of treats of this trip. I took just these two to get ice cream and it's amazing how easy two kids felt. Just like my life three weeks ago. 

Mindy, Brady and their kids, and my mom and Dad came down over the weekend for my Dad's 60th birthday! It was so fun to party with them. Mindy did Ruby's hair for church so cute!

Got this dad thing down.

Skipping bed time for story time with Nana and Bomps

We went to the yummiest restaurant up Snow Canyon for the birthday boy. Such a beautiful spot!

The funnest and most selfless 60 year old. So glad he's my dad. 

You know a trip was good when you look like this on the way home.

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