Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Steamboat Springs

My friend called me one night and asked, what are you doing this weekend? It was Thursday night and she invited me to go to Steamboat Springs the next day at 5am with her and a few other girls from Houston for the weekend. It was short notice and I had lots of reasons not to go, but I couldn't pass up the chance to be with these girls I hadn't seen in too long! 

I drove with Jane and after they slept for an hour or so, our girls pretty much fought the whole way there saying my mommy! Ruby would grab or scratch Molly's arm. We were really glad to make it to Steamboat Springs finally!

Kina was so nice to let us stay at their house- it was amazing! jane and I stayed in the guest house and Rhett was so stoked to have bunk beds!

We went on a beautiful short hike to a waterfall and the kids loved it!

Kina drove us around town in this shuttle van which was so fun! The kids all loved it!

The only problem was keeping them contained once the doors opened!

Steamboat Springs ski resort- so pretty! I love this picture of Rhett snuggling Christopher his new best friend! He couldn't get enough of him!

We went swimming in some hot springs that turned out to be pretty cold! We didn't last too long and headed back to the hot tub at the house.

 Ruby and Molly loved playing together- most of the time...

We got to ride on these bumper cars for free! Rhett loved spinning them around and I tried not to throw up!

The kids loved having so many friends to play with. We did some crafts and went for a beautiful walk, 


I had so much fun with these cute girls! So many fun late night chats and laughs!