Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pretty School

Rhett started preschool, or as he still calls it, "pretty school" in September. He was so excited to go, especially since Tagg would be in his class.

We got to meet the teachers and take a tour of his school before he actually started which was a good way to ease in.

On the morning of his first day of school, my stomach was in knots and I was just so sad. I was excited for him to start and knew he would love it, but I knew it was yet another end of a chapter of motherhood. Motherhood is the best and so rewarding, but honestly each change and end of chapter breaks a little piece of my heart. I will never have Rhett all to myself again with a open schedule all day every day. He will be influenced by teachers and his peers and hopefully still somehow have room for what I try and teach him at home.

Driving to that first day of preschool, I cried the whole way there. I tried not to let Rhett see, but he caught on. He kept telling me to put my sads away in the cutest little voice. I stopped crying long enough to drop  him off, but then had a good cry all the way back home.

My little man is growing up. He is such a joy! And he is absolutely loving preschool.

After the first day, we celebrated at Tony Burgers for lunch! He came home telling me he punched some kid and was fighting. I am sure hoping he wasn't serious.

Pajama Day at Discovery. They have the cutest party days. He could get used to this. Rhett kept requesting to wear his pj's to preschool. 

I have to admit I am loving having a schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays that gets us out of the house in the morning and I love having one on one time with Ruby. She doesn't mind it either!