Tuesday, July 16, 2013

St. George, Utah

One of our favorite places to go as a family is St. George. Everyone is stuck in the same house and we get to see lots of each other which is exactly what I need! The kids look forward to swimming, hikes, razor rides, time with Nana and Bomps, and lots of cousin time. 

It took all of us clapping, screaming, and jumping up and down to get just one good shot of all the baby boys in their best looking outfits we could find.

Rhett got some good Oprah time...and absolutely loved being with his cousins. I love the picture below of the boys totally entertained by a balloon flying around. 

We left 4 sleeping babies home with two sleeping guys and hit the TOWN! ha ha Iceberg was probably one of the only places open in St. George after 9. So good to get some girl time in. 

Had to snap some pics of the matching Sperrys and handsome church outfits. 

 Next we were off to Grand Canyon with the Petersons!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Extended Stay

What I had planned on being a three week trip turned into a five week trip to Utah. Poor Mitch was left for three weeks on his own. Luckily, our friends are so sweet in Houston and took good care of him. He was invited to dinners, game nights, rugby games, and bbq's.

Rhett and I came early for a sad reason. My sweet Grandma Leola passed away. She was an angel and one of the most perfect persons I know. Her funeral was so beautiful and so many people came to see her and honor her and my Grandpa. Hearing all of her sweet life stories inspired me to be better.

Rhett and Tagg had so much fun together and followed each other all around the house. I'm so glad these two have each other to learn from growing up. It was pretty fun to watch them interact. They are frenemies for sure. They each took turns being the bully. When one was having a bad day, the other would pick up on it and see their advantage. Lots of tears, hurt feelings, and fights, but lots of laughs, adventures, and sharing too. 

Rhett also got to see his cute second cousins. I hope these boys are as good as friends as us three are.
Love these girls and their sweet handsome boys!

Tagg turned 1! I was so glad to be in Utah for such a special day for this little man. He is such a handsome boy! My sister did an amazing job on his birthday party. Homemade ice cream, cakes, cookies, and such cute decorations

I couldn't believe how cold it was there on May 30th. I hadn't even packed a sweatshirt because Houston was so hot I couldn't dream of needing one.

We went to the zoo with all the girls and the kiddos and had a blast! 

Saturday morning, we hiked up to Mount Aire up Millcreek Canyon and it was beautiful! Good training for the Grand Canyon hike.

Rhett loved exploring all the new rooms, toys, and especially, the back yard. That is not chocolate on his face, that would be a whole handful of dirt! Mmmmm He loves it!

He got so much better at walking while we were there and just wandered through the house most of the day.

We met up with the Petersons for family night and went to the splash pad. Rhett couldn't stay out of the water.

Rhett's other cute cousin Luke came to town!! These two. They love each other but bug each other all day long. ha ha. But at the end of the day, they hold hands in their car seats.

These three boys loved Wheeler Farm and all the animals. We saw the shaggiest cow and the friendliest pony we'd ever seen.

 These boys loved being with their Nana. Especially when she gave them all cookies to keep them happy.

Rhett loves being with his cousins so much. He is so lucky to have such good buddies! Next we went off to St. George!

Houston is Home

I've been in Utah a lot this year and sometimes I forget where I live. After 5 weeks in one place, it kind of seems like you live there. As much as I love being home in Utah with my family, I live in Houston. And Houston is great! We have so many wonderful friends here and fun things to do! Mitch makes fun of me that most of my posts are about trips to Utah, so here is a totally Houston post. (More Utah posts are coming.)

Mother's Day was perfect. I got to spend all day with my little man. I hope he always stays a mama's boy. 

He is such a goof ball and I can't get enough of his charm.

We love making it down to Galveston for beach days. Rhett is in heaven there! Especially when there are girls to play with!

He was loving all the seaweed and mud of course.

For one of our playgroups, we took mom and baby pics at Hermann Park. Such a fun idea.

Can't get enough of this little guy. He grows way too fast! I'm so grateful to live in such a great place and have such fun adventures together in Houston.