Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anniversary in Austin

I can hardly believe it's been three years since we've been married. Best 3 years of my life! Marriage has taught me a lot about myself and how far I still need to go, but it is sure a fun way to learn. I am so grateful to have Mitch by my side. He is an incredible boy and I am constantly reminded of how smart I was to marry him. So smart. 

We've had to make some adjustments since Rhett shook things up: less date nights, more late nights, but I can definitely say I love Mitch more now than ever. I will never forget that second night in the hospital during a particular meltdown by me, brought on by a particular meltdown by Rhett. You'd think all those tears would drive a man out of the hospital room straight to the nearest ice machine, but I'll never forget Mitch putting his arms around both of us (me with crazy hair and my hospital gown on backwards-am I the only one who could't figure those things out?) and how safe and comforted I felt. He has since given both of us lots of good hugs and made our lives so much better and easier. 

I remember one day when I was pregnant and it was obvious I was about to pop, a lady stopped to talk and give me some advice. She told me, "your husband is just going to have to realize it is NOT about him anymore."Even though it is harder to make time,  I've really tried to still make it about Mitch...and Rhett. Marriage is the most important thing!! I do not want to raise my kids and then catch up with my husband 30 years later. I want my kids to see a good marriage and know how much I love their dad. Anniversaries are a good reminder each year and a good excuse to spend money. 

July 22nd is our official anniversary and it happened to be on a Sunday so we celebrated the next weekend with our first road trip as a family of three. 

I got us some caffeine and treats for the road, and we even bought ourselves some flowers. We drove to Austin after an Olympics party at 11:00. We were exhausted when we got there, but Rhett did great sleeping in the pack n play set up in the bathroom until Mitch had to use the bathroom at 5 am because of all the caffeine he drank.

We ate some delicious hotel continental breakfast- gotta get your money's worth, is what my dad always said, and then headed to Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake. We walked about 20 minutes in very extreme heat to Barton Springs Pool, only to realize we left our swim suits in the car. So we made it better by RUNNING (Mitch's  idea) back to the car in the extreme heat to get our suits. We looked like definite out-of-towners running in my flowy skirt and flip flops pushing our non-jogging stroller next to the outdoorsy Austin folk running with their fancy jogging strollers and slick running outfits.

All of our work and heat endurance made the amazingly refreshing cold water feel 100 times better. It was too cold for Rhett, but Mitch and I took turns making fools out of ourselves. 

For lunch, we ate at some safe food trucks. Torchy's Tacos- delicious, and Gordough's donuts- even more delicious. Imagine a giant, freshly fried donut with fresh strawberries and cream on top. I would go back to Austin just to get one of those donuts. Rhett was a champ all day!

To end our day trip to Austin, we met up with the Hamblins, who were also celebrating their anniversary, for dinner at the Oasis. 

We had a gorgeous view of Lake Travis and the sunset over some yummy Mexican food. Well a house salad for me...I was too full after tacos and the giant donut. 

The trip was way fun and Rhett loved being outside all day. He is such a trooper!

Happy Anniversary to my one and only!! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farewell Party for the Robkers

We lost some of our best friends to a certain med school in Las Vegas. We were so sad to see the Robkers leave but are excited for their new adventures!

The Ences threw a fun goodbye party for them and we all had a blast!

Some of our finest shining moments with the Robkers...

Galveston Beach, rain or shine

Rodeo Houston

Amy went to so much work for my baby shower...

They helped us with our nursery projects...even the hard ones

And many more game nights, camping trips, tennis outings, dinners, and free movies with them. We'll miss you guys!!