Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Months

Rhett you're already 2 months old! We love watching you learn and grow!

New Things you Love:

-Holding on to mom's hair or dad's shirt
-Going to the Pool

-Sitting up by yourself

-having your hands by your face
-splashing in the bath tub
-talking to us
-sleeping in bed with us
-the sound of the waves at the beach
-sleeping with your bum in the air

Things You Hate
-Stopping at red lights
-Being in your car seat
-getting out of the bath

Things we LOVE about you
-the way your hair gets all messed up after it dries after a bath
-your sweet smiles

-your chuckles when you sleep
-your kissable chunky cheeks
-the rolls on your thighs
-your cute little belly
-the funny faces you make

-the way you love to open and close your hand over and over again while you're nursing
-that you still love to cuddle (with both of us if you can.)

Clothes you've  grown out of:

Happy 2 months Rhett! We love you!