Thursday, February 28, 2013

Destin, Florida

Mitch finished the biggest test of his life...Step 1! We celebrated by going on a trip to beautiful Destin, Florida. It was the best just to have Mitch all to ourselves, all day for a week.

We stopped half way in New Orleans which is a place I've wanted to see since we've moved to Houston. Rhett did so great on the drive. He had lots of friends to keep him company.

It had some really cool sights but felt pretty unsafe. We even watched a guy cut a bike lock and take off with the bike all while we were staring right at him. We weren't brave enough to chase him down.

 French Quarters, New Orleans

Jackson Square Cathedral (the oldest cathedral in the US!)

We had to have beignets from Cafe du Monde- donuts covered in a mountain of powdered sugar. The lady who took our picture made us put the sugar on our noses before she would take the picture. Rhett made us share them and he loved them- weird that he would like fried sweet bread covered in sugar! ha! 

The next morning we went for a run on the beautiful empty beach. Let's just say most of our trip was spent with 65 year old couples. I've never seen an older crowd at Wendy's for dinner. It was definitely the off season which was perfect because we had the place to ourselves!

This picture shows just how excited Rhett was to be out of the car after a 9 hour drive the day before! Ha ha I love his face!

We went to lunch at the Fisherman's Wharf and had some yummy fish tacos and looked out over the beautiful Destin boardwalk and harbor.

They had the cutest turquoise chairs, and even had his and her's water cups (pink and blue)



Since the ocean was too cold, the hotel swimming pool was probably Rhett's favorite part of the whole trip.

We also went to the cutest little village- Baytown Wharf. It was so charming and we watched a beautiful sunset right on the dock.

Rhett is reaching for a little girl whose mom is taking the picture. He was in love!

Rhett was obsessed with the shells in the sidewalks and did not stop walking around.

We wanted to have a beach day but it was just too cold. Mitch felt pretty stupid in his bright swimsuit while everyone walked past in their coats. It was beautiful though and Rhett was obsessed with the white sand! He got so much better at crawling on he sand. The best part was that the sand would just brush off because it was so fine. No shower needed.

We found a little playground and Rhett was loving the swing. Pretty sure it belonged to the nice resort behind us, but nobody kicked us off...


The sunset was so gorgeous again that night. The water is emerald green (none of these pictures show it) and the sand is pure white against the blue sky. 

We ate at a yummy legit Italian restaurant for dinner and loved every bite! We ate at lots of yummy places in Destin. Some of our favorites were the Donut Hole Bakery, Poppy's right out over the wharf, La Famiglia, Fisherman's Wharf, and of course Wendy's and Chick-fil-A. Oh and for breakfast, the hotel continental spread never disappointed (well only a little. but it was free) 

Mini golfing was awesome even though Mitch won by a couple of strokes. Hard fought battle. Look at the monkey. now look at me. now look at Mitch. He's on a rhino.

Good thing it was rainy the day we were supposed to leave or else we might have stayed a couple of days longer.

Our second time stopping in New Orleans felt much safer. We went to the beautiful City Park and saw the cute Storybook Land and sculpture garden.

Rhett loved the ducks and laughed every time they came up to eat his baby puffs. 

We had yummy pizza and then some amazing gelato at a cute little Italian parlor.

We loved our week in Destin and are planning our next trip there already! 


Monday, February 11, 2013


Today was one of those days that nothing special happened. Our Monday playgroup at the park was canceled because of rain. Rhett and I were both disappointed. To cheer us up, after Rhett's short morning nap, we face timed with Minds, Tagg, and my mom, and then ventured to Trader Joe's, just for fun, just me and Rhett.

We got settled in a bright red shopping cart and set out. Rhett started swinging those little legs hanging out of the cart and reached for everything we passed on the aisles. He was so happy to be out and about. He loves grocery shopping and all of the bright colors and different shapes and textures. He keeps track of the things I put in the cart and loves playing with empty produce bags. Rhett smiles at everyone we pass and makes lots of new friends.

As we were nearing the check out stand, a lady motioned us over to her lane and pulled Rhett and the cart behind the counter. Rhett looked at me across the counter and smiled his little cheesy smile and my heart almost stopped. He is getting so old so fast and I just realized in that instant how much I love that little boy and his sweet personality.

Rhett wouldn't let go of the bag of clementines (his favorite food) so the lady had to scan them and leave them in his tight grip. As we walked out with our bag full of groceries, Rhett almost jumped out of my arms because he was so excited about something. He had found a telephone wire full of birds. Some were flying away and some were just sitting squawking but they might as well have been the tigers at the zoo. He even found one hopping on the ground and insisted we follow it till it finally flew away. He was screaming and so excited about his little discovery.

We put the groceries in the car and then on a whim headed to Petsmart, which is right next to Trader Joes. We have no pets and absolutely no reason to go to Petsmart- besides a chance to see some fish for free. Rhett loved those little fish. 13 cents for a goldfish. What a deal! I didn't buy one. Maybe because my little 12 year old sister in law is still waiting for hers to die, two years later. Yep, we were there, the poor med student's wife and her baby, at Petsmart, looking at fish for entertainment.

We walked past this 6 or 7 year old boy and Rhett once again almost jumped out of my arms. He was so excited to meet this little boy. The little boy didn't quite know what to do so he just started explaining the nearest hamster cage to me. We said goodbye and moved on to the doggie toys which Rhett also got very excited about. I realized doggie toys are very similar to baby toys. Dog Chew toys, baby teething toys, same thing just sold at different stores. We ended our trip to Petsmart by watching a video on "The Furminator," an exciting infomercial about a new shedding tool for dogs. Rhett loved it.

We left Petsmart and Rhett was having such a good time that I just couldn't go strap him back in his carseat. We went into the next store, Whole Earth Provision Company, and found a really fun baby section. Rhett fell in love with a maraca while we walked around looking at puzzles, books, stuffed animals, and other toys. More free entertainment. Finally, my arms were so tired and it was past Rhett's nap time and I realized Rhett would stay out all day and find more and more things to avoid a nap. I carefully took the maraca out of his hands and left the store without buying anything.

Rhett loves everything and finds exciting things everywhere around him. He loves new places and faces and thinks everyone is his best friend. Today was so good even though nothing special happened because I got to spend all day with my best bud. He is my whole world and makes everything so exciting, even a day at Trader Joe's, Petsmart, and Whole Earth whatever it was Company. I am a lucky woman to be his mother.