Monday, May 29, 2017

Conference Sunday

I love Conference! Breakfast at Nana's is always uplifting and tasty! 

We have the cutest sweetest cousins. Richard loves playing with Lize.

Afternoon session at Grandma's with Brian and Macey.  Rubs got in a cozy conference nap right in the middle of the action.

 Navy is such a cute big cousin. She loves baby Liza.

Beautiful blossoms and spring weather on our walk around the neighborhood.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


March is always half spring half winter and we were definitely feeling the pull of both. One day we would be up skiing on the slopes, the next at the park playing. And some days just staying inside and taking bubble baths to entertain ourselves.

Lize is 5 months!

Dentist appointments for Rhett and Ruby. Rhett was so cute and protective of Rubs. We were all surprised by how brave Ruby was, until the male dentist came out to check her teeth. I think she's a little scared of big guys!

Classy St. Patrick's Day cookie decorating...

And a leprechaun sighting!

Rhett took some ski lessons at Brighton with Bobby, Tagg, and Luke. We were quite the sight. I had to drag Ruby, Eliza, and Rhett up to the ski rental shop, down to ski lessons, and then wait with the girls while Rhett skiied. Lucky for us it was warm! While Minds and I watched Tagg and Rhett, Ruby toppled off a bench into a cement window well. Seconds earlier I had thought I better be careful with her by that and then thought, I am such an anxious mom- that would never happen! Should have listened! I got her back to the car and got her a nap and then promised myself I would never take all three to ski lessons again. 

Bobby and Tagg

The next week, Mitch took Rhett on a Saturday and got to snowboard with his dad while Rhett was in class. Luke and Rhett had the class all to themselves! 

We also spent a lot of time at Mindy and Brady's NEW fun house! 

The babes...

The girls in their matching bunny jams- tough to get a good photo of those two!

We tried potty training for a couple of days and then I quit. Every time I would nurse Eliza, Ruby would have an accident. Mitch said "But you don't want to miss the window." Easy for him to say! Potty training is probably the worst thing about being a parent. (so far)

Tuesday outings with Grandma. We braved Jungle Jim's and the kids had a blast! 

Grocery pick up has saved me with three kiddos but every once in a while, we just have to go to the grocery store with the whole crew. These older people stopped me and said oh my goodness can I take a picture of you? We must have been a sight! Three carts wide.

Good thing this one is so chill and easy going...

Lots of loving on Lize!

Playing chameleons...crazy kiddos

I cringe every time Ruby asks to paint just because of the mess, but she loves it!

We did the Hayes Tough run without Mitch this year. We ran it with Tanner and Natsy while they took care of the Wags. 

Rhett surprised me and rode his bike the entire 5k! He was so into the race. He would tell every volunteer that he was going to win! We were dead last but he was so excited to finish. At one point I asked him if he wanted to skip one part and make it shorter and he said no! He wanted to do it all.

Visits with Great Grandma Helen and Grandpa Jim.

And Great Grandpa Eddie and Win. They were so sweet to volunteer to come help me a few Thursdays. Eddie tried to teach Rhett how to play marbles one time and all I heard was "no I don't want you to do that at all." And then, "maybe when you're older." They were so cute to help me with laundry, babysit while I ran errands, and just tell us their life stories!

We went outside any day that was warm enough!

The beginning of the birthdays! We have so many from end of March-April! Mindy threw the cutest ballerina party for Lydia. The girls loved it and even the boys joined in while I was teaching the dance lesson. 

Picking out mom's birthday tree at Cactus and Tropicals with the girls. 

Birthday lunch with Nana!

She chose to go skiing with all of us for her party. Such a beautiful day! Mitch stayed with the girls in the lodge and got Rhett set up for his ski class. I got to ski with Rex and Rich for most of the day which was so fun!

General Conference weekend! Setting our tents toward the prophet.