Friday, May 1, 2015

Ruby Jane at 7 months


Ruby is definitely the second child. Rhett had a post every month about what he was up to. I'm just getting around to posting about Ruby after half a year has gone by! I guess I'm trying to soak in every minute I have of her as a baby since I know how fast it will go this time. And it goes even faster the second time!

Ruby is the sweetest baby girl! I remember sitting in the Celestial Room with Mitch right before she was born and had a distinct feeling of how special and sweet and strong she would be. I'm only seeing the beginning of that. She is always so happy! Her huge smile is contagious and makes me just melt.

Some of the things she loves right now:

-Dolls and stuffed animals. As soon as she wakes up from a nap, she reaches for me and then for the first baby or animal she sees. She gives it the biggest hug and then snuggles it till she finds something else she wants to play with.

-Baths! She is THE wiggliest baby I have ever held, especially when I turn on the bath and try to get her undressed to get in. She cannot wait to get in and tries to jump out of my arms into the bath. She splashes, kicks, sticks her head under the faucet and loves when she gets to go in with Rhett.

-Rhett! Those two are such a pair. Rhett can't wait for her to wake up! I have to beg him not to go in and wake her up. Rhett runs in there as soon as he hears her cry and says "mom Ruby's awake, Ruby's awake. Come see her!" I pick Ruby up and he says "Look there's Rhett." Ruby kicks her little legs so fast whenever she sees him coming. And anytime I say "you ready for a nap Rubs?" he says, "nope she's not ready for a nap." He is the sweetest brother to her. If she's crying in her carseat, he'll say "it's ok Ruby I'm here, I'm here, or we're almost home Ruby." He loves to feed her little tiny pieces of his eggs for breakfast and laughs so hard when she doesn't like something and does a funny face. "She doesn't like it." (in his lowest, slowest growl voice) They both can definitely bug each other too. He gets in her face all day, shakes her arms, and steals her (his) toys. But at night, he always wants her to come lay in his bed while we tell stories and sing songs and gets so sad when she's too tired to do that. He says "I need a kiss. I need a squishy hug. How bout bones? High fives? Another kiss." One of the best things about being a mom is watching them laugh together.


-Solids. She was slow to start, but she is a big fan now! She loves things with more texture like cottage cheese and especially loves ice cream! Of course. And paper, she loves paper and would eat a lot of it I would let her. I once found the bottom little piece of a price tag in her diaper. Whoops!

-Her mama. She is a big mama's girl which makes me happy. She thinks it's so funny when she puts the binky in my mouth. She loves playing with my hair, helping me do my make up, and helping me make the bed.

-She loves when Daddy gets home and loves when he plays with her and throws her around. But when it's bedtime or nap time, she wants me! Or if I walk out of the room, she wants me. Maybe Mitch is at work too much?? I know she will be a daddy's girl soon enough so I will take it for now.

-Balls, bats, and cars. She loves anything Rhett loves which means lots of boy stuff. She'll be tough! Look out for this slugger. She also loves paper and tags. Everytime she comes to get the mail with me, she gets so excited to play with all the letters and magazines. She could play with a kleenex box for an hour. She looks for the tag on everything- blankets, clothes, dolls, and then loves to play with them.

Ruby wants to move so bad! She is constantly kicking one leg whenever she sits in the bumbo so that there's a constant tapping going on. I didn't know babies could get out of the Bumbo but she somehow found a way to arch her back and twist and can get out in no time now. So no more Bumbo on top of the table while I do the dishes or cook!

Having a girl has been so much fun! I didn't realize how much I could love another baby after Rhett, until I laid eyes on my Ruby Jane. She is a dream. We love you Ruby Jane!