Monday, June 24, 2013

12 months

We're a little late, but I wanted to catch up on Rhett's first year.

Rhett at 12 months:

- You started taking steps a little bit before your first birthday, and really took off at about 12 1/2 months.
-You love playing hide and seek
-You love going to the zoo! It is right on our daily running route so once or twice a week (or sometimes three), we'll stop by and check out a couple of animals- the lions are your favorite right now, and then run home

-You love looking at pictures and videos of yourself

-You absolutely have to be outside in the dirt, puddles, or rain.

 - You like to do things on your own- eat your own corn, hold your own cup, and get your own snacks

 -You love hanging out with mom while dad works late.

 -You love playing with magnets and stacking big piles in your hands.


-You love play dates and hanging out with friends.

-You are such a happy and silly boy. We love you so so much!


 We got your first year portraits taken!