Tuesday, May 14, 2013

San Antonio

I love looking forward to a good trip. Especially when there is family involved! We got to meet up with Mitch's parents a couple of weekends ago in San Antonio. Mitch's dad was on business and brought Lisa along and we thought we might as well crash their party.

We ate at this yummy Mexican restaurant that Mitch and I realized we had eaten at on our move to Houston 3 years ago! You can't forget this place if you've ever been there. Christmas lights, mariachi bands, decorations everywhere, and the yummy food are pretty unforgettable.

 We went to Sea World which Rhett loved since he's really into animals right now. He would not take a nap all day though. He kept finding more things to distract him!

The carousel was one of his favorite stops as you can tell...

Rhett was about to pass out at the penguins because he was so tired but somehow got a second wind

Maybe it was the giant cookie from his Grandma...

This giant walrus rolled over and pumped out sit ups. Crazy!

Finally, on our way out to the car, when Rhett was sure that he wouldn't miss out on anything, he crashed hard. Fell asleep sitting up.

Slept through car horns, alarms, and us laughing pretty hard.

Classic Riverwalk dinners and walks...so pretty!

Rhett trying to show off to the boaters...

We went to pay our respects to good old Davy Crockatt at the beautiful Alamo. 

Such a short but fun trip and much needed family time! Rhett loved being with his Grandma and Grandpa! Thanks Gary and Lisa!!