Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ruby at 10 months

Why does the first year of life have to go so fast? The transition from baby to toddler is so hard for me! I know I should look forward to their first birthday, and in some ways I do, but mostly, I dread it. Did I enjoy my newborn enough, my three month, six month old enough? Did I snuggle them enough? Did I read to them enough? Did I take it all in? All these questions make me want to just stop time. And Ruby's first year went twice as fast as Rhett's.

She has been such a fun baby. She has always been easy going, a good eater, good sleeper, easy to laugh and smile, and so easy to love. Her giant blue eyes, long dark lashes, cute button nose, and beautiful full lips get me every time. Her hair is getting really curly which is adorable.

At ten months, Ruby still loves dolls- especially her mini Corelle doll we got at the bookstore. She sleeps with her for every nap and at bedtime. She used to only use her binky at night, but now she wants it whenever she sees it. Her favorite snack is definitely popcorn. She kicks her legs and lunges for it as soon as she sees it. She loves feeding herself, loves edamame, corn on the cob, green beans, purple grapes,  yogurt, watermelon, bread/pasta, ice cream and treats, especially fruit snacks, and anything Rhett is eating.




Ruby's favorite time of day is bath time. She will crawl in there and pull up on the tub and try to climb in. Her crawl is very creative. It's a mix between a bum scoot and regular crawl. She can stand up from sitting and stands for a few seconds and then gracefully sits back down. She loves playing on my bed and goes crazy doing belly flops, back flops and pillow dives. She understands when I say "should we go swing on the swing?" and she kicks her legs and gets so excited and reaches for outside. She loves following Rhett around and loves when Rhett will crawl around with her. "Come on Ruby let's crawl!" She does the cutest game where she tilts her head back and forth from shoulder to shoulder and loves when we do it back to her. She can do the elephant noise and loves when Rhett and I do it with her. She says daddy for a lot of things and doesn't say mama as much as she used to. I'm pretty sure she says teddy and dolly.



Ruby does not like Rhett's teasing, stealing of toys, or too much rough housing- she's ok with a little. She can hold her own though. I love how strong she is. I've seen her tackle Rhett to the floor!




We love you so much Ruby! You make our lives so much happier, fuller, and fun. You are such a special little girl. And I guess you can turn one, if you have to.