Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer Loving

I never thought I would say this, but I'm kind of sad summer is over. Usually, I can't wait for the weather to cool off, which of course I still am, but I think I will miss swimming and splash pads and beach trips.

But I will not miss trying to keep Rhett entertained inside while it's too hot. You can't swim ALL day

One place that Rhett loves to go when it's too hot is the Children's Museum of Houston. He gets so excited as soon as we pull up. He doesn't know if he should go to the balls, cars, slide, or books first!

One place he did not like to be stuck inside was the doctor's office. His 15 month check up took FOREVER! The doctor was shocked when he came in to find the mess Rhett made while being cooped up in a tiny little box. Sorry doc, you try to entertain a 15 month old inside a box for an hour.

He did like the Sprinkle's Cupcakes we got after. Payment for shots. At 15 months, Rhett was 32 3/4 inches tall, and 23.5 pounds. He basically hasn't put on any weight since he was 10 months old. He's too busy!

This boy could live at the beach. He loves the waves, sand, and getting super dirty. This time, we went across the ferry with Rhett's girlfriends and saw dolphins! Like really close up! The kids loved the ferry.

Rhett usually loves going for jogs around Hermann Park, but he was not a fan of running in a downpour. It was a little cloudy when we left, but I wasn't expecting to get as soaked as we did. It was like we had jumped in the swimming pool.

He was a fan of playing in the rain and puddles.

We also love running around Rice University and then checking out the campus after. It's always shady and a lot cooler here. We found our favorite wooden swing in the middle of the dorms.

Rhetters is loving playing with my pots and pans these days. He's got to try to sit or stand in every single one. Or see if his puppy fits. I love how curious he is.

Rhett just learned how to fold his arms and "close" his eyes-more of a squint. He is so proud!

Rhett loved having his next door neighbor around for 4 days while his mom went to work. I had a little glimpse of what twins would be like. Exhausting!

We had a tri-stake Beach day in Galveston which was a blast! Rhett of course headed right for a mountain of sand.

Another of Rhett's favorite spots is Hermann Park. We get to feed the ducks, play on the playground, and if we're lucky-ride the train!

One of my favorite spots lately is Torchy's Tacos. SO yummy! Rhetters and I went on a date night there and around Rice Village while Mitch was on call. I love this boy! He was such a gentleman on our date. I guess he did scream at me a couple of times and stole my drink a few times, but at the end of the night he gave me a great hug and kiss. So yes, a perfect gentleman.

Our date continued Saturday morning at the snow day at the zoo! Probably the only time this year the kids in Houston will see snow. They were all loving it.

Houston summers can be pretty rainy. Good thing Rhetters loves puddle jumping and umbrellas. He's not sure how to use the umbrella though. 

This boy loves bubbles!

But doesn't like haircuts...

Some other recent random events...

Mitch had to help on the sidelines of a couple of high school football games for his sports medicine elective. Rhett was loving everything. When I tried to take him away from Mitch after the picture, he was sooo sad! He thought he was so cool hanging out with his dad on the field.

We found a free bike by our dumpster! It has made commuting way easier for Mitch.

And one last beach trip. Mitch took the day off before his big test come with us to Galveston. What's a day of studying going to do for you anyway?

We finally got to go see Tiki Island. Check off my Houston bucket list. There were the cutest houses and everyone had boats pulled right up to their back porch. 

They all had these way original mailboxes.

 Summer was so good to us! Life is good.