Sunday, February 26, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve with the Petersons...we stopped by quickly to see the Wagstaff's and then ran over to the Petersons for the rest of the night. Everyone was loving holding Eliza.

Tackling Uncle Cory. Rhett loves playing with Navy and having Cooper in town so he can rough house all day!

Traditional Christmas Eve pizza 

Marissa is such a fun aunt! She wrapped all the kids up in wrapping paper and they thought it was hilarious! 

Christmas Morning 2016 

Sleepy kiddos in their Christmas jammies...One of my favorite memories was Ruby and Rhett choosing out gifts for each other. Rubs is holding the chubby puppy Rhett chose out for her. He was so excited to give it to her. Ruby chose out a color changer Mater for Rhett and he loved it! They both chose out something small for Eliza too. I loved how excited they were about giving to each other!

Rhett asked Santa for a train for Christmas! Mitch hid it behind the tree and then had Rhett push the button on the remote. As it came around the corner he yelled "I wanted a train!!!"

Ruby got some doll clothes and a diaper bag which she loved. 

Little Lizey's first Christmas. She is the sweetest baby and I'm loving her smiles. 

Ruby asked for band aids from Santa and was so touched when he brought her some princess band aids and even a baby Diet Coke just for her. (She always asks for a little sip of mine.)

We went back over to the Peterson's  Christmas morning and opened up all of our gifts. These two got giant dinosaurs that walk and roar and they were in heaven! Lisa and Gary spoil us every year!

We had Christmas brunch at my mom and dad's and it was so beautiful. That window had the best view of the trees all covered in snow. 

Eliza at 2 months old in her little Christmas dress.  

BJ and Amanda stayed for a few days after Christmas so we had fun spending lots of time together, except for Mitch who was at the hospital every moment. On Mitch's day off, the boys played basketball in the morning and the girls went to lunch, pedicures, and a movie. So fun!

Christmas is the best! My kids made it so fun this year reading Christmas books together, acting out the nativity, finding the elf on the shelf every day, shopping for each other, and reminding me how important it is to appreciate little things.

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