Monday, January 2, 2017

Halloween 2016

We had a lot of fun at the Wagstaff Halloween party this year! The kids had so much fun seeing each other in their costumes.

Rhett wanted to be a fox, Ruby wanted to be a kitty, and I was a cat lady with Ruby and Mitch dressed up as the guy who sang "what does the fox say."  

We played fun games, ate yummy food, and scared the kids with a treasure hunt  that ended with One Eyed Wanda hiding in the shed. 

The witch and her very attentive audience. (especially Rhett)

Minds had us up for dinner another night and we carved pumpkins with Lydi and Tagg. So fun!

Rhett and Tagg were so cute in their preschool program. Rhett was all the sudden self conscious of his fox costume right before we headed to school. He was like, wait I wanted to be the fox from Zootopia! He wouldn't wear his hood during the program either. Silly boy!

 Eliza was due the 27th of October. I went in on the 26th thinking I was in labor but got sent home!

 I went to bed expecting to wake up in real labor but all contractions just stopped! I kept waiting for something to happen from Wednesday to Saturday, but finally got induced Sunday morning. Crazy crazy! Our last night as a family of four- movie night! I had Eliza the day before Halloween and went home Halloween night. Mitch got to take the kids trick or treating out at his parent's house and at my parent's.

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