Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Summer" in St. George

 This winter has been, well, wintery. Rhett is just a little done with the snow (each morning he looks outside and hopefully asks if it's summer and then disappointedly asks when the snow will melt) so we were excited to go to St. George and let him play outside as much as possible. 

Rhett has a ton of energy and after this trip I realized what he needs each day to get all of his energy out. Swimming, hiking, riding bikes, wrestling with his dad, and more hiking. Too bad I can't provide this every day! He was in heaven and kept saying, "it's summer!" 45 degrees feels pretty warm after a snowy, gray 25 degrees at home. 

Our first hike was to the narrows in St. George and Rhett and Ruby loved climbing on all the red rock. I had a pretty stressful claustrophobic moment trying to squeeze through the narrows while holding a screaming Ruby stuck between Mitch and Rhett but we made it through.

The indoor pool is the best- too bad the hot tub is off limits for kiddos.


 My mom came down and joined us Saturday night and we were so lucky to get her to ourselves. We went to church on Sunday and then went to visit the beautiful St. George Temple and Tabernace.


 On Monday, we went down to zion's which was gorgeous and freezing! The red rock covered in snow was so pretty. Ruby and Rhett fell asleep on the way down so we decided to make the drive to the top of the canyon to keep them napping before we started our hike.


The hike was freezing, icy, and snowy and so beautiful. Ruby hated every moment of it unless she was eating chips, Rhett loved it unless he was slipping on the ice, and Mitch and I loved it all.



I need to remember to snap more pics of just me and Mitch. I can never find ones of just us two. 


 Poor Ruby losing it...

The rest of our trip we just enjoyed the house, went to the park, swam, hiked around, and rode Ruby's favorite thing- the Razor!