Sunday, December 22, 2013


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, especially in Utah. Houston really doesn't have a fall, so I shouldn't compare it to that. We had so much fun with our families this fall!

BYU vs. Utah game with Natsy

Rhett got some quality time with his Nana and Bomps.

And his Grandma and Grandpa...

Mitch's little brother got married! McCall is perfect for him! We had such a fun week wedding week with the Petersons. We went to the circus for Mitch's Grandpa Jim's birthday. He takes the whole family every year. Rhett and little Coop loved it!

Before the wedding, we moved Cory and McCall into their new place which was right across the street from where Mitch and I got engaged! We told Rhett the whole story and he loved running around the whole place.  

Family dinner before the big day!

Rhett was loving his ice cream cone...

The wedding was perfect and such beautiful weather. 

After a long day, Rhett passed out at the reception.

Rhett and Tagg majorly needed haircuts! We took them to Cookie Cutters and on the way, Rhett fell asleep in the car. he would have slept through the whole hair cut if the lady hadn't sprayed his hair down!

These two love playing together and wear each other out.

Fall was so warm and long this year which made for lots of fun outings.

Including the zoo with cousins

Picnics with Nana to Meier's Chicken

Finishing Rhett's baby quilt

Watching Natsy cheer at Olympus high football game

Gardner Village with Natsy and my mom. Cutest witches and Halloween decorations!

Getting prepped for apple picking at Grandpa Stan's orchard

Playing at the most beautiful park by the mountains

Bath time crazy hair!

Beautiful flowers we found on a fall jog.

Hanging out eating suckers

Playing in the rain at Mindy's

More fall to come...