Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

I love having a newborn around the holidays. It makes me kind of slow down and enjoy the season more. Lize has been such an easy baby. I had to document her falling asleep doing tummy time. Neither of my other kids ever did that!

Love having good sleepers.  

We were on charge of pecan pies for dinner and we had plenty  of help. Rhett was so proud of his pie.

We had one of my YW from Houston come to stay with us for the weekend. 

Eliza's first Thanksgiving. My mom's house looked so beautiful and the tables were decked out and made all the food look delicious.

The best part of the new remodel- a loft just for the kids! Mindy made them all these darling pilgrim and indian hats. 

Rhett was soooo excited about Thanksgiving and was so thrilled to get a turkey leg. He kept coming over to Mitch and asked him, "how's your Thanksgiving dinner dad?" And because Rhett had a turkey leg, Ruby of course had to have one.

The after party was the best part! First we had a play put on by Ronnie and Addie's kids which was adorable. Then my mom put Mitch in charge of games and it was so much fun! We played everything from musical chairs (my mom got checked to the floor by Rosanna- the YW who was staying with me) to toilet paper toss to this unforgettable dance off. I will never forget watching my whole family doing this hip hop dance. Legendary!

We had tickets to the BYU basketball game so we took Rosanna down to see the campus and Mitch stayed with Eliza while I took her and the kids to the game. The kids lasted till about midway through the second half and then needed treats to keep them in the game.

We got to put up the Christmas tree and decorations and get ready for December!

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