Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 Months

The time is flying by and my baby's not such a baby anymore. He is bigger than most 6 month old girls we meet and fits into most 6 month clothes. Who would've thought after his first three weeks looking like a starving baby?

Rhett you are getting cuter and more fun each day. I feel like you learn a new trick daily. Here's what you've been up to the past month:

  • First airplane ride (the way there was bad, the way back you were an angel)
  • First trip to Utah, our favorite place to be. 
  • First time meeting your cousins Rex, Richard, Eve, and Tagg (second time with Luke)
  • First time meeting lots of your aunts and uncles, your Great Grandparents, and lots of other family. 
  • First laugh that melted my heart (I knew Bomps could get it out of you)
  • First time rolling over!!!
  • First time in your jumper
  • First time sleeping for 8 hours straight!! I woke up at least twice to make sure you were breathing. And as weird as it might be I missed our little middle of the night snuggling time. I didn't have to miss it for too long's back

New things you LOVE
  • Cuddling with your Hedgie, Maisy the cow, and your monkey. I love watching you interact with your toys 
  • Grabbing for your keys and other rings
  • Talking all day long to whoever or whatever will listen 
  • Staring down your mobile
  • Watching whoever that cute little baby is in the mirror who copies everything you do
  • Standing on our laps
  • Chewing on blankies
  • Sucking on your hands
  • Holding your hands together
  • Tummy Time

Things you STILL don't like
  • Driving in the car
  • Being claustrophobic-  you hate nursing under a cover
  • Sun in your eyes

Things we LOVE about you:
  • Your laugh
  • Your beautiful blue eyes
  • How pure and sweet you are
  • Your coos, squeals, babbles, sighs
  • You're curious about everything
  • When you cuddle (only when you're tired now)

Clothes you've grown out of:

Happy 3 months Rhett!! We love you!!

How many ways can you stuff your hands in your mouth??

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Vacation

Mitch only had two weeks off of med school- you could hardly call that a summer- but it was ours and we spent it well!

Rhett had his first airplane experience with many more to come, I'm sure. On the first flight, he screamed for a little while and I of course was so worried about it. Mitch was calm and cool and all I could see was glares from everyone around us. But it turned out to just be my imagination. After bouncing, binkies, and balancing Rhett up by the air conditioner (he loved that for some reason), Rhett finally fell asleep.

On my way back to Houston, when I was flying with Rhett by myself, I was much calmer and Rhett was an angel. There were some other crying babies and I realized no one cares! The only people who are worried about it are the parents of the crying baby (and maybe some other jerks).

Waiting in the Houston airport

 We got to Utah late and I thought for sure all the Petersons would be asleep. They were so cute and stayed up just to meet Rhett. He loved all the attention.

The next morning, we went to Mindy's house to meet Taggart and the whole family was there!! It was such a fun surprise. 

 Before my dad even gave me a hug, he grabbed Rhett out of his carseat to give his little boy a hug.
Love that he is Rhett's Grandpa.

Taggart is the cutest and sweetest little baby. Mindy was doing so great and loving being a mom. She is such an amazing mom already. Taggart LOVES his mommy. I love that we get to go through this together.

Kev and Rachel got to meet Rhett for the first time. Kev's a good whistler so Rhett loved them both. They are the cutest engaged couple!

 My little niece loved having little babies around. She would help Minds and I all day long if she could.

 That night, we had a fun get together at the Petersons. Here are the 4 generations together!

Rhett with Grandma Win and Grandpa Eddie. We love them!

 Rhett's blessing day was on Father's Day, June 17th, 2012, which was very special for Mitch. He gave Rhett such a nice blessing that I will never forget. The whole time Mitch was giving the blessing, Rhett was just staring at his dad and trying to talk to him. Mindy was so thoughtful and got him that white blanket from Jerusalem a long time ago and I loved blessing him in something that reminded me of Jesus. He wore the same booties that Mitch wore when he was blessed, thanks to my mother in law being prepared. It was such a great day!

 Rhett with his cousins Richard and Rex

They kept asking Mitch if Rhett needed to do more tummy time. They loved it!

We had some yummy dinner and treats thanks to my family's hard work and then headed down to St. George!! There was lots of pool time and just hanging out which is the best! I love how Rhett looks like a sumo wrestler in his swim suit. 

 We got to see Luke again which was so fun! Rhett and Luke bonded weeks ago
 Rex turned 6! We had so much fun celebrating with this sweet boy. He is amazing and we love him to death! He chose In N Out Burger for dinner- good choice. He let Rhett have a sleep over but Rhett wasn't so sure.
 My dad bought all the girls tickets to go to the Tuachan for a girl's night. It started out a disaster with all of the kids screaming as Addie tried to get out the door, but ended up being a blast. The boys did great with the babes! Johanna is the only one who got all of the girls in the picture, but this will have to do. Unless you want to email it to me????

Tagg and Rhett had lots of time to hang out together. 

 I love this picture of Rhett cuddling his aunt and Tagg. 

Uncle Tal with all three of the babes.

We got back from St. George and went for Saturday morning breakfast at Market Street and to the Temple after. Minds and I showed up wearing the same outfit! I love these girls! Oh and Mitch loved the refillable hot chocolate. 

We of course had some game nights at the Petersons! Tellustrations is pretty intense/hilarious in this family. Rhett loved all his aunts and uncles and being with his Grandma and Grandpa again.

 We went up to Snowbird with Greg, Kirstin, and  Lisa and enjoyed some gorgeous views, yummy Rueben sandwiches, and cool weather.

That night, we had a fun dessert night at Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's

Carl and Rhett 

Al and Rhett

Rhett's Great Grandpa Jim takes everybody's picture on this saddle. Why you haven't seen mine is a mystery.
 We went to the zoo to see the new addition that Mitch's uncle Al put in. It was so much better than scary cages! It really makes the zoo.

We got to go to a Bees game which was a blast, even though Rhett wasn't loving it. 

My sweet aunts on my Smith side threw a shower for Mindy and I. We had so much fun and got lots of cute matching outfits. 

I love the picture of my sweet Grandma Lee with Minds and I. She is a saint. 

Rhett got to spend some time with his Great Grandma and Grandpa Smith. They are incredible and loved seeing Rhett. My Grandpa has the most amazing memory and remembers everything about our lives.  Grandma Lee and Rhett were just talking. 

We had a fun pizza, ping pong, pink ball party played with pizza boxes as the bases and the tennis racket as the bat. Rex was the all star of the whole game. After the pink ball, we played around the world ping pong which turned into the guys seeing how many times they  could hit it to themselves. pretty hilarious. 

Mitch had to leave to get back to his new best friend, surgery. He has such long hours!! Rhett and I stayed a few extra days so we'd have something to do on my birthday and the 4th while Mitch was working away.

We had a fun dinner out on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather and fresh picked raspberries.
My mom is the snow cone queen and the kiddos are her best customers!
We went up to Park City with our cousins, the Meiers and had so much fun! We took turns watching the babes and going on the Alpine slide and other crazy rides.

Rhett had so much fun being outside all day and zonked at the end. We missed having Mitch there!!

The Holladay fireworks wrapped up the night. Rhett actually really liked them and just stared at the crazy colors.

For our last couple of days, Minds and I did lots of taking care of our babes together, going on walks, and chilling with Natsy and my mom.

Rhett also got to meet his Grandpa HR. He called Rhett a little pipsqueak which I think means he loves him. This man is so sweet and we love him so much. He has so many stories that I can't wait to tell Rhett.

Mitch came and picked us up at the airport and had a little birthday surprise of his own. He is always so thoughtful! We ate the whole cake the next day. Then went grocery shopping. We're glad to be back but are missing our wonderful families!