Friday, April 29, 2016


April is a busy birthday month for us- Mitch's is the 3rd, and Rhett's is the 4th, and just about half of the rest of our extended family has birthdays in April. Mitch had his big 30th this year and Rhett was turning 4, AND Mitch had a whole week off, so we just had to make the most of it.

We planned a trip to California and Disneyland without Rhett knowing about it. I was so excited to surprise him! But I wanted him to really want to go to Disneyland so I would show him pictures of Cars Land and other fun places at Disneyland. I had him dying to go there before he even knew he was going.

The morning of his birthday, we woke Rhett up singing Happy Birthday and then told him we were going to his favorite place! California! And Disneyland! He was so excited!

We drove straight to Rhett's absolute favorite place to be- the beach!! It was gorgeous weather and I wish I would have soaked it in more. The rest of our beach days turned out rainy.

Rhett chose spaghetti and meatballs at the Old Spaghetti Factory and he was so excited! He kept trying to yell to everyone at the restaurant- it's my birthday!! He was seriously so much fun on this trip. He had me and Mitch rolling the whole time. His favorite part was when the waitresses came out with ice cream and a candle and announced Rhett was 4 today and sang him happy birthday. He couldn't stop smiling.

We spent the next two days at Disneyland!! I liked Disneyland growing up, but I was way more excited taking my kids for the first time. I was actually glad when they woke up early so we could get to the park before it opened. Got in some good rides before the crowds. Even though it was already super crowded right at opening.

Rhett was most excited for Cars Land!!! He absolutely loved it!

Ruby did great unless she was in line. Don't ask an 18 month old to wait in a 40 minute line to ride Peter Pan. She will not be happy. 

Mitch's parents were in San Diego and drove up to meet us the first day! So fun to have them and Kirstin with us. 

Rhett was so stoked to meet Mickey, Ruby pushed his big head away. I'm just glad his head didn't come off. 

Ruby was loving seeing the cars that Rhett is always playing with. She kept wanting to go see Mater and Lightning.

So fun being with these guys! Ended with dinner at Flo's Cafe when the all the neon lights came on just like the movie. Rhett was in heaven.

The first day we stayed for the parade and the fireworks after and our kids were exhausted!

Day 2- getting them stoked for more lines and rides!

They both loved wandering around Toon Town, not having to wait in lines! 

Goofy kissed Rhett on the head and he couldn't stop laughing about it.

My favorite ride when I was little- the teacups!

The rest of our trip we stayed in Laguna- so beautiful! But cold and rainy. We tried going to the beach and making the most of it when it would clear up. 

Rhett was such a good sport and wanted to make his own bed. We told him if you get too squished, just come sleep with us. He thought about it for a while and said, "thanks guys" all thoughtful. He was seriously so much fun on the trip. Me and Mitch kept thinking, wow this 4 stuff might be a whole lot easier than 3! Mitch and Ruby were kind of sick Friday so Rhett and I walked from our hotel to go get some yummy tacos. He thought he was so big going on a little adventure with me. He ordered chips and salsa (his favorite!) and was so excited about the little bag they gave him to carry home. He kept showing it to me and couldn't wait to tell Mitch all about the chips and the adventure. I love this little boy so much and am not ok with how fast he is growing up!

One morning I woke up early (I almost slept in instead- so glad I didn't) and went for a jog along the beach and it was so gorgeous!

Our cute friends from med school- the Ences, drove up from San Diego to meet up for a rainy breakfast at Beachcombers. We love seeing them when we go to California!

It was so cold and rainy we finally just had to quit on the beach and head to the Laguna library. Luckily Rhett and Ruby love a library run!

Our flight got delayed on the way home (I guess it was rainy everywhere) and these kids were troopers. We wandered the airport looking at ceramic turtles and bunnies and grabbed a late night wendy's frosty and fries. I love having time with just our little family! Happy Birthday Rhett and Mitch!