Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Bump

Pregnancy so far...

First Trimester.....
What is supposed to happen:

  • Morning sickness
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling grumpy
  • Crazy Hormones
What really happened:
  • No morning sickness. I didn't believe the three pregnancy tests I took because I wasn't sick, didn't feel any different, and couldn't see any changes. I couldn't go into a doctor till 11 weeks because my work insurance didn't start till then. We thought I was 9 weeks along, and it turned out I was 11! I didn't tell ANYONE that I was pregnant before the doctors because I was so nervous that I would get to the doctor and they wouldn't find anything there. All of the sudden there was a pretty big baby on the screen and I had to believe it! It was pretty incredible to see that little heart beating so fast. We were so excited to finally tell our families! 
  • I was sooooo tired every day after teaching all day. I couldn't tell if it was from being pregnant or starting a full time teaching job. I remember coming home from school, sitting next to Mitch on the couch and not being able to move or do anything. I took a nap on his shoulder for about 20 minutes, then went and took a nap in my bed, then came back out and sat on the couch and took another nap on his shoulder. And then it was time to go to bed, thankfully.
  • Road Rage!!!! I hate traffic normally, but those pregnancy hormones really pushed me over the edge. Houston traffic can get pretty bad, and during August and September, when I was in my first trimester, it was so hot! Every time I stopped at a light or stop sign, the air conditioning would just blow pure hot air out and I would get so mad! I dreaded driving more than anything. One time I drove to the store with Mitch and thought I was just driving normally, maybe avoiding some traffic here and there. We made it to the store and Mitch stepped out of the car like he was so grateful to be alive. He was like, "Maybe I'll drive home." I guess I had been going pretty fast and changing lanes all over the place according to Mitch.
Second Trimester.....
What is supposed to happen:
  • More Energy
  • Less grumpy
  • Cravings
  • Harder to Sleep
What really happened:

  • Week 13 rolled around and I suddenly had way more energy. It was like night and day.
  • My road rage went away (mostly). It helped that it was a little cooler and my air conditioning worked. I couldn't believe that it really was right after the 12 week mark that everything just seemed better and little things didn't bug me as much.
  • I wanted to exercise a lot. 
  • I had some weird cravings. I craved Macaroni and Cheese, Macaroni Grill's rosemary bread, Chipotle's burrito bowls, and Little Smokies (little sausages that I've only had like twice in my life). I gave into most of the cravings besides the Little Smokies (those seemed a little too unhealthy.) 
  • Some of my comfort foods were/are: string cheese, Greek yogurt, popsicles, cottage cheese with multigrain chips, and See's chocolates (one of my students always gives them to me and I love her). I don't really crave ice cream, cake or any other sweets besides chocolates.  
  • I have been soooo thirsty throughout the whole pregnancy. I have to have water bottles by my bed because I always wake up and have to go to the bathroom and then down another water bottle. I blame Mitch for this because he drinks so much! This baby is definitely his son. (I think that's also why I love dairy stuff like string cheese and yogurt. Those have always been Mitch's staples.)
  • We found out we were having a boy and I felt him move for the first time around week 18! Mitch felt him move around week 22 or 23. 
  • I started taking Belly pictures! 
                                                                           Week 20

Week 21

                                                                            Week 23

I also got Reactive Airway Disease (temporary asthma and a bad cough) again and had to get some inhalers to help. So many medicines/lotions/water/vitamins to keep me going.

Week 24

Third Trimester:
What is supposed to happen:
Less sleep, fatigue comes back, back pain, Braxton Hicks contractions, baby moves more and grows a lot and then comes!

What is happening:
I am definitely feeling more tired, my back is starting to hurt, I feel like I have those contractions at least a few times a day (especially after I exercise) and I feel like he is doing gymnastics in there! He loves to hang out under my ribs too. I love watching my belly move when he does. He is so funny though- every time I tell Mitch to watch or feel my belly, he stops. It's like he's trying to say he is not putting on a show! We love this boy so much and are so excited to meet him, but we can wait hopefully 12 more weeks. Oh and I am terrified of labor. And I absolutely love being pregnant!

Week 27

Week 28