Monday, November 1, 2010

Family, Football, Fort Worth, Fun!!!

Fort Worth was worth the five hour drive! Mitch and I had been counting down the days till his parents and BJ got in town for the BYU vs. TCU game. Right after work, I picked Mitch up from Baylor and we got on the road. We thought at 3:30 we could beat the traffic but nope, those first couple of hours were stop and go misery. We finally got out of traffic and the drive turned out to be really pretty. We drove past ranches and fields that seemed to go on forever.We made it to the hotel and met Mitch's parents and BJ there. We had fun just catching up on everything that we had missed out on. It was so good to be with family!

The game was the next day in good old Fort Worth. We were excited to see BJ play in person instead of on TV where you can't see him sometimes. The game didn't turn out like we hoped but it was still a good game to be at. I know you're thinking, Oh a fall afternoon football game- perfect weather, perfect scenery, couldn't get any better. Not in Texas. More like 90 degree weather, sun beating down, wiping the sweat off your face kind of an afternoon football game. Still, it was a good game and we were cheering loud and proud for the Y.

After the game, we went to see the famous stockyards and street where they do daily cattle drives and rodeos on the weekend, just for fun. I loved it because it reminded me of our ranch in Wyoming and I love rodeos and horses and all that kind of stuff. We ate at the best steakhouse with Gary and Lisa, and Mitch drank his usual of about 10 rounds of lemonade. The waiter was struggling to keep up. We passed on the Rocky Mountain oysters, even though the waiter said they were selling 'em like hotcakes.  Not for us!

After dinner, we were on our way to go to a Haunted House for Lisa's birthday, but had to stop at Walgreen's to get Mitch and I some real shoes (we only had flip flops). It took us thirty minutes to find the store, find the right shoes, and find the right size (it's tough to find shoes big enough to fit Mitch's size 13 foot in Walgreen's). After all that work and tons of laughs, we pulled up to the Haunted House to find a mile long line full of teenagers. We took one look and turned right back around, running after Gary in the car in our new sneaks. We ended up going to a movie with Mitch and I sportin' our stylin new kicks or our 'house shoes' as one Texan called them. My shoes are really nice cause you can't really tell which is the left and which is the right foot so if you accidentally put them on the wrong feet, nobody will know.

We had so much fun with Mitch's parents and we were sad to see them go. Some of our favorite memories were lounging at the pool, playing horseshoes, staying up late chatting, cheering at the game, getting lost on the crazy Fort Worth roads, and laughing till it hurt. Thanks so much for the fun trip!


  1. What a fun weekend that was! I am wearing my "house shoes" right now as a matter of fact :)

  2. Kelsie, I love your blog. And you guys' cool new shoes. :)

  3. Carly- Mitch and I were just saying how much we loved your blog and seeing what you guys were up to. Keep us updated and we need to meet up somewhere between houston and nashville.

  4. What?! You guys were at the TCU game? WE were at the TCU game too!! Seriously-if y'all are into road tripping for football games...we should talk. Because we are currently planning trips to go to the Ol' Miss, Texas and Louisiana Tech games :). Go cougars!!

  5. Seriously?! We are totally down for that! Let's make some plans..