Friday, October 22, 2010

It's off to work I go

For the past two weeks, I've worked everyday substituting at this private school. It is so much fun and I really love my job! It is nice to be busy and to have a purpose. The teachers and kids at the school have been so nice to me and I am starting to feel a part of the school. Well, maybe not quite yet, I think they're still putting me through some tests. The nice lady who works at the front desk can never get my name right for my name tag. She had to scan my driver's license the first time to get my information and picture and for some reason, she put my maiden name as my last name. Apparently, once she's entered my last name in the computer, it can't be changed....ever. It doesn't really bother me that much, even after 15 kids have asked me why my name tag says Wagstaff when I introduced myself as Mrs. Peterson. One day I got lucky and the lady actually put Peterson on the name tag so I thought my test was over. The next day, I didn't bother to check it before I put it on so I was surprised when a parent volunteer asked me, "So how do you say your last name?" I was about to say "Oh it's Peterson....with an ON at the end, I know sometimes the en/on ending is tricky," when I realized no one would be asking me how to say Peterson. I looked down and saw that my name for that day was Elsie Gstaf. I guess I'm having an identity crisis or someone at the computer is.

I love being with kids and when you're with kids all day, you know you're going to have some funny stories by the end of the day. One day, a boy forgot his homework and after the rest of the class heard him telling me about how he left if at home but he really had done it, they all reminded him that there were absolutely no excuses at all. One boy said, "Yeah it's only if your dog really did eat it that works." The boy who had forgotten looked really thoughtful like he was trying to remember what really had happened to his homework. "Wait a second, did my dog eat my homework....I can't remember now..."

I feel so lucky to have work! It makes the days and weeks go so fast. Mitch is already taking his second block test next Tuesday! Mitch and I are loving living in Houston, especially now that the heat and humidity are bearable. It just keeps getting better and better out here in Texas.


  1. Ha! That is hilarious they can't get your name right! You should feel like a new women everyday!

    Kids are so hilarious! I am glad you found a job. It will make time go so much faster.

  2. ha. I'm so glad you get to teach and I'm sure all the kids wish you were their permanent teacher!