Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everything I learned, I learned in Kindergarten

    Last week, I got to spend two days substituting as an assistant in the same kindergarten class. Kids at this age are my favorite. They are so funny without even meaning to be. Most of them say exactly what they are thinking and aren't embarrassed to say it. They also have a hard time paying attention or staying quiet for long periods of time. The first day I was there, one little boy named Jack, who had the sweetest little smile, kept talking and talking and was not getting his work done. There were two Jacks in the classroom so this one went by Jack S. When I heard the teacher say loudly, "Jack S. Jack S! You need to stop talking," I had to try really hard not to laugh and didn't know if the teacher realized what she was calling him. The next morning, all the kids sat in a circle and did their morning introductions where one person is chosen to go in the middle and choose a person to greet. One little girl chose Jack S. The greeting went like this. "Good morning Jack S. Let's have a high-5 day!" I had a hard time not laughing again! I'm so bad! But it really was hilarious.

    Later that day, the kids were busy making Thanksgiving projects like paper turkeys, feathered Indian headbands, and homemade beaded necklaces.
I was helping Jack get caught up on his turkey when he told me in a whisper voice,"I accidentally cut the toes off my turkey. Cause I'm a bad bad maker." Oh I just love those kids! They make me smile even when they drive me crazy.

    Sometimes, I wonder if I'm any better than the kids though. A couple of Sundays ago, we were running out the door to get to church. I ran back in the kitchen to get a little bag full of skittles that were leftover from our Halloween party. Mitch looked at me like what are those for? I said they're for a little Sacrament treat ok! During one of the talks, Mitch looked over at me and there I was eating my little bag of skittles doing the "funstuf" where you have to try and find all of the hidden objects on the back of our ward program that they put there for the little kids during Sacrament.
He just laughed at me and asked me if I had heard anything that the speaker was saying. Of course I had! Mitch doesn't know how to multi-task. I do.So maybe I have a hard time paying attention or staying quiet for long periods of time too.

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  1. Kelsie! Little do you know that Josh and I both do the exact same thing during Sacrament. I love doing the 'funstuf'! haha Bring skittles to church is pure genius. We haven't gotten that far yet. ;0)