Monday, March 13, 2017

Eliza at 4 months

Eliza at 1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

I LOVE newborns and all their snuggles and sweetness, but when Eliza started smiling and laughing, looking right at me and having her little cooing conversations back and forth, I remembered how much I love every stage of the first year. Every month seems like I get to know a little more of their personality. That's why I absolutely cherish staying home with my babies. They change so quickly! I wouldn't trade my time with them at home for anything.

Eliza has the sweetest demeanor. She has such bright happy eyes and a smile that comes as soon as you smile at her. She is so chunky and I love it! Rolls on rolls. She loves Rhett and Ruby and the attention they give her. But she is also a little nervous around them when they get hyper (and for good reason- they can get a little rough.) She loves her mama and daddy. She is a good snuggler. She loves patty cake and blowing bubbles and getting tickled. Liza"s favorite thing to do is splash in the bath!

She will sit and do tummy time for 5-10 minutes but hasn't figured rolling over yet. She loves laying on the play mat and reaching for the rings. She is definitely interested in food- leans forward as far as she can and just stares at the food. We will start solids soon, even though I would rather wait till 6 months just because of the mess!

She is a great sleeper at night and sleeps 7-10 hour stretches- thank you Eliza! She is still figuring out a good nap schedule and loves to cat nap. But with how loud our house is and how often we are on the go, I think that might just be our fault.

A big crew with all of us plus Tilley! It was a warm day (40 ha ha) so we had to go on a walk.

Ruby loves to do whatever I'm doing, which usually ends  up being a big mess. Love this little independent girly girl. 

Ruby has become such a daddy's girl lately. Today I asked her if she wanted to go to Costco while Daddy stayed with Eliza and she said no, you can stay with Eliza and me and Daddy can go to Costco. I can't blame her, he's pretty great! They were cleaning her room and were finished so Mitch asked her if she wanted to go clean the kitchen. She quickly said no! Let's dance!

The best little rat tail. It's probably time I cut it. I can't bring myself to do it!

We are so lucky to have this little sweetheart in our family! I was so terrified to have 3 kids and even though it is pretty crazy and demanding, I love watching all three together. They learn so much from taking care of each other and having to share and compromise. We've never been happier!


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