Thursday, January 23, 2014

Galveston with the Grands

We were lucky enough to have Mitch's parents come visit us in January. We met down in Galveston for a little weekend getaway. We surprised them and announced we were expecting baby number 2.

It was way colder than usual, but we still had fun.

We went to Moody Gardens which Rhett loved! 

The "heated" pool. The boys lasted about two minutes. 

Rhett loved the rice and beans and made a huge mess!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas 2013

 Christmas is so much more exciting with a little guy to celebrate with. Before we went to Utah, we had a few days before our Stanford interview. We finally got to be in our own house! We did some fun things to get us excited for Christmas...

Went and saw the river oaks lights... Amazing! 

Stayed home sick from church and watched Elf...

Helped some good friends move...

Made our annual gingerbread houses- Mitch's is always better than mine...

And went to the lights in the heights- a big neighborhood Christmas party which was a blast!

 We were in Utah for Christmas, which is always a blast. And it felt so good to be done with interviews!

I was so sad I missed so many of Natsy's games while living in Houston, so I went to as many as I could while I was in town. She is amazing!

We were helping my mom and dad babysit the grandkids and it got crazy chasing after so many at the game.

 We finally settled them down and got them in jammies. Pictures were near impossible!

Pictures with Santa! Tagg was not happy about this...

I loved taking Rhett sledding. He loved the snow and would just fall in it and lay there. He loved going fast down the hill too. 

We went to see Temple Square lights and it was madness! No room anywhere. But of course, still beautiful and a tradition you can't miss.

Dressed up for Christmas Eve

Rhett got to be a lamb in the nativity. He loved his costume, but was too busy playing that he wouldn't come out when it was his part. 


Not too chummy with Saint Nick..

 Who must have thought Rhett was a good boy because he got everything he wanted- cars, trains, and tracks for both!

Christmas morning

My cute cousins who are like sisters. We all live in different states so my aunt Angie got us t-shirts for each of our states. 

Post Christmas get together with my high school/college friends. Love these girls!

We had lots of down time hanging out with family which is the best. Natsy trying out the mistletoe and Rhett. He was not falling for it.

And we had Macey's baby shower! So fun celebrating with this cute mama to be! 

 Goodbyes are never fun. Tagg and Rhett were not happy about it and neither were Mindy and I.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving 2013 was spent with the Petersons. It was so fun to have everyone together, except for our missionary Greg. We were glad to have a break from traveling for interviews!

 Rhett loved the treats and his Indian head band!

Grandma Win and Grandpa Eddie

Grandma Helen and Grandpa Jim

cute cousins Cooper and Rhett

We went skiing up at Brighton for Gary's birthday. Not much snow, but so fun! It was the first time I had been in a couple of years!

Saying goodbye before we all parted ways. So hard to say goodbye to everyone. We're grateful for such amazing family!