Monday, January 13, 2014

Seattle Interview

Interview season. Just the sound of it makes me stressed. We had a crazy three months flying and driving to interviews but definitely had some fun times along the way. 

 My mom and mother in law watched Rhett for three days while we went to an interview at Seattle Children's Hospital. It was our first trip without Rhett, and we definitely missed him, but had so much fun with just us two.

 We flew in and had the most beautiful first day. It was fall, so the leaves were amazing colors, and the weather was perfect- the first day. You can't go to Seattle without getting rained on at least one day. We ate at Red Mill Burgers for our first stop- AMAZING! Seriously the best hamburger and fries and the shake- mint truffle- was to die for.

We went for a beautiful hike down the coastline to a lighthouse. It brought back lots of fun memories for Mitch. His Grandma and Grandpa lived there for 10 years and every summer, they would go visit for a couple of weeks. It was my first time to Seattle and I loved it! 

They have crazy big leaves, beautiful trees, and everything is green!

Gasworks Park- such a cool place. That night, we had dinner with some other applicants and some current residents. We ended up talking with the nicest resident who was from Wyoming of all places. He really talked up Seattle and had us really excited about the program!

While Mitch interviewed the next day, I went for a jog around beautiful University of Washington campus. Then I checked out the botanical gardens that were amazing!

Self timer picture- ha!

 The famous Pike's Market- I loved this place! Mitch and I had gone there the night before, but I decided to go back and get some gifts for Rhett and my mom and mother in law.

Finally, Mitch was done with the interview and we talked all about how amazing the children's hospital was. It seemed like an awesome place to do residency! We checked out some of the possible neighborhoods to live in.

On our last night, we went on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. The view of the city and the houses along the water were gorgeous! 
We had dinner on the island and then walked around in the rain for a little bit. We found a cute book shop and bought a little present for Rhett. We also ran into this giant pumpkin just sitting outside a shop. Mitch would not believe me that it was real! 

Such a fun trip! I would love to go back to Seattle and have more time to see all the beautiful places there. And have Rhett with us next time!

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