Monday, January 13, 2014

Halloween 2013

 Rhetters got to dress us as an elephant this year. He loves animals, especially elephants, so this was pretty exciting for him.

 I was a zoo keeper and Mitch decided last minute to go as elephant poo. Wow.

 Rhett first saw this costume on his cousin T and was so jealous! My mom just had to get one for Rhett too.

Doing the Cake Walk and some other fun classic Halloween party games

 Meeting Bony Legs for the first time...For some reason Rhett loves witches now.

On Halloween night, Rhett was not happy about getting into his elephant costume again. He was screaming crying, throwing a full out tantrum.

 After the first house gave him some candy, he was a little happier.
 After the second house gave him candy, he was like, "this is the best night ever!" He didn't stop running the rest of the night. He caught on pretty quickly. Walk up to the door, say trick or treat (tick a tick a from Rhett), flash a smile, make the elephant noise, take a piece of candy, and say thank you! On to the next house.

 Even three months later, Rhett will still randomly bring up that wonderful night. He has a very specific memory of getting a fortune cookie from one house. He says, "tick a tick a. ahhhhhh (high pitched excited gasp) cookie." I think we'll have our hands full next Halloween...

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  1. It was so fun to watch the transformation from sad elephant to very happy trick-or-treater. Such a cute boy!