Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life with Ruby

 Life with two kids is definitely a juggling act. It fees like you are always putting one of their needs before the others. Ruby needs a nap so we can't go to the park or playgroup. Rhett has to get out of the house so Ruby has to skip her nap. Luckily, they are both flexible and put up with it! And Rhett is thrilled to have a baby sister. He tries to get her to hold one of his cars or anything to interact. He was surprised by how much she sleeps!

And Ruby is a much better on the go sleeper than Rhett was. Rhett hated his car seat. Ruby is definitely a cat napper though and loves to stay up for a late night party. There was a night that I was trying to put her down from 10-2. She finally figured out her nights and days which was awesome for us!

Having a back yard has been a life saver with two. I can put Ruby down (for a quick 15 min cat nap) and run outside and play with Rhett. Or just carry her around while Rhett tries to get me to play with one arm.


We got to have the Smith Pumpkin Patch party over in the orchard and the kids had a blast! Ruby was ten days old and slept in the wrap on me the whole party.

Life with two is pretty great. Even though I'm exhausted and overwhelmed at times, it's so fun to have a little girl in our home and watch Rhett and Ruby together.

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