Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Deer Valley Retreat

Mitch had an intern retreat up at Deer Valley with all of the first year residents when Ruby was three weeks old. Families were invited and the U paid for hotels and food so we thought why not?! Mitch had quite a bit of time where he was in meetings and trainings so I was worried about being alone with two kiddos out and about all day, but it was too tempting not to go. 

Thank goodness for a heated pool. Rhett can't pass up a pool, even if it's freezing outside.

Trying to keep Ruby Jane warm watching the boys swim 

We didn't get much sleep with this little one partying all night.  

While Mitch was in meetings all day, we went and explored the Park City ski resort and went for a little "hike." Mostly Rhett just played with rocks and watched the mountain bikers go by.

 Then we went and stopped at the chocolate factory and chose some treats. Love that little boy peeking on the treats.

It was a little tough doing two on my own out and about that long, but was definitely worth it. It was so beautiful up in Park City and Deer Valley. 

And the time we got all together made it all worth it. 

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