Thursday, April 17, 2014

Destin, Florida

Destin is definitely one of my favorite vacation places. It is one of the prettiest beaches I have ever been to. We went there to celebrate the end of medical school! I can't believe four years have come and gone. Mitch has worked so hard and studied so many hours. This was the perfect relaxing end to it all. 

The first couple of days were a little chilly and rainy, but nothing Rhett couldn't handle. I don't think the temperature ever affects Rhett. He always ends up getting completely wet at the beach.

There were tons of jellyfish in the water and on the sand the first day which was kind of scary but fun to see them. Rhett kept wanting to touch them and would say, "squishy, squishy."


We rented a beach house with three other couples in med school and it was perfect! Two minute walk to the beach, tennis courts, swimming pool, everything we could have wanted.

Rhett loved his first tennis lesson. Mostly he just chased the balls around and threw them over and over again.

Rhett learned the walk to the beach pretty quick. The whole way there he would be chanting, beach beach beach.

Rhett would wake up, head to the beach and play for a few hours, eat lunch at the condo, then head back to the beach, take a nap on the beach, wake up and play some more on the beach. He was in heaven!

So fun partying with this crew. Crazy that ten days after we got back, the Ences had their baby, and in a week, the Heaps will have their baby!

Baytowne Wharf- we ate dinner here at a cute restaurant overlooking the bay.

Sunday family pictures. Not a good idea for Rhett. He hates pictures in the first place and was so mad that he couldn't just play on the beach.

See his mad face in this picture.

This is just a classy famiy pic. And it makes me laugh so hard every time I look at it. My hair is blowing into Rhett's mouth, and Mitch looks like a leprechaun because he thought it was going to be a close up pic and wanted to make our heights more even. 

After the first couple of cold days, the rest of the trip we had gorgeous weather! We rented bikes and rode along the boardwalk and Rhett loved it!

We kayaked which didn't work out as we planned. First, we watched our friends' baby while they went out and he did great. But then we tried to leave Rhett with our friends and freaked out watching Mitch and I paddle away on a little boat. We waited to see if he would stop screaming, but even after ten minutes, we could still hear him crying from the shore.

Change of plans, Rhett joined us in the boat and loved paddling with us in the shallow water.

For our last night, we just got pizza and ate it on the beach so we could be there for the sunset. It was a perfect way to end the trip. Such a beautiful night!

And Rhett just couldn't keep the secret anymore about baby #2!
This last trip will have to last us a while, because residency is coming quick! Who knows when we'll get Mitch to ourselves for a whole week again? 


  1. this looks perfect! love all the pictures and i want to go here. so excited about baby #2! Xoxoxo

  2. What a perfect way to celebrate the end of four years of medical school! As a beach lover myself, I'm so happy Rhett loves the beach. Congratulations you guys on the upcoming sure to be adorable addition to your family!