Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rhett is 2!

Happy Birthday Rhetters! April 4th 2014 at 12:34 pm was exactly 24 months, 104 weeks, 730 days, and 17,520 hours after Rhett came into the world. It's crazy to think how quickly such a tiny person turned my world upside down, in the best and most unexpected ways. How can you love another person so completely, so perfectly, so unassumingly, not needing anything in return? No matter what, Rhetters will always have my whole heart. No matter what, I will always need to protect Rhett, and make sure he knows how loved he is. It breaks my heart that one day he will go to school without me and not need me anymore. But I do love watching him grow up!

How does time go so quickly? I can't believe I have a two year old! As much as I love newborns, I LOVE 2 year olds! Rhett is so much fun! He talks so much and is such a goofball. He loves friends and playing with them. As soon as he sees them, he starts giggling and goes and laughs right in their face. He loves cars, animals, rocks and balls the most. He is really into owls, witches, and ghosts for some reason (I think it was because of a book we got at the library). Rhett knows his shapes, colors, and some of his letters and numbers- mostly because he has a really good memory! He just learned how to give the best hugs, and calls them "squishy." He is also really into hitting me, spitting his food out, coloring on the walls/table/floor, and seeing what his boundaries are. Time out is just starting and not working so well. He loves his daddy, but is still a mama's boy.

Some of my favorite words/phrases that he says right now:
- "Its gonna be loud." whenever I take out the Bosch, blender, blowdryer, Rhett says this.
- "Playing, playing this." if I tell Rhett it's time to change his diaper or go down for a nap, Rhett tells me he's playing.
- "Busy."- Rhett tells me when he's too busy to do something I ask.
- "Ok" or "ahh yeah" "yeah yeah"- he answers his own questions. "Play cars? Ok" "Fruit snacks? yeah yeah"
- "Throw it far"
- "Runnin fast"
- "Ready, set go!"
- "Daddy's here! Mommy's here! Rhett's here!"
- "Louder"- the music always needs to be louder. "hotter"- always wants the water hotter.
- "Sorry, sorry"- if he's bumping into the table while he's trying to get around you.
- We ask him What do you want for lunch? "ahhhhhhhhh (for a long time) chicken? ham? cake? fruit snacks?"
- "Bless you"
- "Hey you!"
- "Love you!"- melts my heart.

Songs you know and sing along to:
-Twinkle twinkle
-Happy birthday
-Jesus' Baptism (currently your favorite)

 The day before your birthday is your daddy's birthday! So it felt like a lot of partying.

You definitely thought the basketball was for you.

Your birthday started with balloons in your crib, a special birthday breakfast, an ob appointment for your mama and a chipped tooth while you were waiting with daddy :( , a zoo trip, lunch at Chick-Fil-A, opening presents, and cake with your friends that night.

Thanks goodness for Grandparents sending great gifts!

Happy 2nd birthday Rhetters! We love you! Now you can stop growing up.


  1. so glad we got to see that adorable two year old a few weeks ago! sure love him!

  2. Such a cutie! Yup, they do keep growing, but the fun continues. Happy Mother's Day dear Kelsie!