Thursday, March 20, 2014

Match Day

March was a busy month for Mitch. He was inducted into the Gold Humanism Society at Baylor, which is an award for med students and staff who exemplify compassion in medicine. And that is definitely Mitch.

We celebrated Mitch's last day of 23 years of school! He was pretty happy and Rhett was pretty excited to see more of his dad.

Match day was the craziest day. The party started at 9 at Baylor and we couldn't open our letters till 11. Longest two hours of my life! Mitch and I were so nervous!

Baylor made it a really fun day for the families of the students and Mitch was even part of a flash dance mob! It was hilarious! Finally, the faculty gave their last speech, the minute count down was over, and all the students rushed to the bulletin board for their letters. Mitch pretended to be disappointed at first when he read the letter, but then announced we would be going to Utah!

Minds sent me matching bow ties for my boys for a real "match day."


and I made Cafe Rio, one of our favorite restaurants in Utah, to celebrate. 

Last, Mitch was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Society. I am so proud of how well he did in med school, even if he won't mention it to anyone to save his life. 

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