Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A little visit to Dottie...

Last week, we got to meet our little niece Dottie. She is a real southern belle, born in Tennesee, two names and all. She is the sweetest baby and so much fun to cuddle. We met up with my mom and sister and loved being all together! We were supposed to be helping, but I think we had too much fun to say we were the ones helping.

Polka dot headband, made by her Aunt Mindy

 Polka dot blanket, made by me
Watching the tornado....or wind.
 Shooting hoops, or "shoops' as Rhett calls it.

Full bath tub! These three had so much fun together. (and lots of fights) :)

Gold, silver, and bronze medalists in the 2014 Memphis playground Olympics.

This fried chicken place, Gus's, was reccommended by GQ magazine. One of 10 restaurants worth flying for. We thought we could drive 20 minutes to eat there.

Mmmm it was spicy and delicious!

Our last day was a zoo day which the boys loved! The weather was perfect.

That night, we rode on an charming old trolley to see downtown Memphis.  Rhett loved seeing the horses pull the carriages out the window.

 We made a stop at the famous Peabody Hotel and saw the ducks that go down twice a day to the lobby, swim around, and then go back. It's a strange tradition the hotel has.

Then the real reason for the downtown trip...the food! Mmmmm. I can still smell this place in the old alleyway. Real Memphis bbq. Minds and I shared and didn't think we'd be able to finish our meal, but it was so good, we finished every rib and piece of brisket on our plate.

 Such classy decorations!

It was such a fun trip to see Dottie! Even if we came back and crashed...


  1. We only went to Memphis once when we lived in Nashville but the food was definitely the BEST!

  2. Loved seeing you guys. Thanks so much for posting all these memories!!!

  3. Oh, oh, oh! So many happy memories in this post! We've been to all those places except Gus's. The ribs at Rendevous make my mouth water just thinking about them. What fun! And getting to spend time with family and a new baby as well. Heaven!