Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grandy Canyon

One time Mitch asked me if I had ever been to the Grand Canyon. I answered "No. But I know about it and where it is." For some reason he thought that was so funny/dumb of me to say. Well now I can say I have been to the Grand Canyon. And not just been there, I've hiked in and out of that beautiful place- Rim to Rim. 

I first heard about this Rim to Rim hike from Mitch and his brothers who loved to tell horror stories about 130 degree heat, no water, and wanting to jump off the cliff rather than finish the hike. So.. I was expecting the absolute worst thing. It ended up being so amazing!

We got to our cabins on the North Rim and I loved seeing the beautiful canyon. It was so much bigger than I had pictured. Rhett loved all the dirt and being with everyone. He was filthy by the end of the day.

I loved that Rhett got to spend so much time with his Great Grandparents. They are amazing people and were so sweet and helpful with Rhett. 

We met Cooper for the first time! He is Rhett's only other cousin on Mitch's side. He is such a cute and chill baby. Rhett LOVED Cooper. 

I was so worried about leaving Rhett, mostly because I hoped that he would sleep for Lisa and not be grumpy. And I worried that I would just miss him and Mitch the whole time. But once I left, I was fine! I knew Lisa would probably take better care of him than I would. The hike was beautiful and I had a blast being with the Petersons.

Once we got down through The Box and to Phantom Ranch, it was 130 degrees! I have never felt heat like that. I seriously thought I was baking in an oven. Luckily, the Colorado River is really cold and cools you right off.

While I was gone, Rhett was living it up with his Grandma, Great Grandma, Aunt, and cousin. 

They had to drive 5 hours around to meet us at the South Rim. They were so sweet to let me hike! Honestly I think driving with Rhett strapped in for 5 hours would be harder than hiking Rim to Rim.

Rhett kept his great grandpa busy but that man loves to be busy, so I'm not sure who had more fun walking over every ledge on the South Rim. 

Rhett was given the royal treatment by everyone while I was away. He looks pretty spoiled...

We hiked out the next morning from Phantom Ranch. Day two was a definitely harder than day 1. I kept looking at the cliffs ahead wondering how we were supposed to climb out of the Grand Canyon. 

We finally made it, after seeing a couple of snakes (my worst fear), some good breaks, and lots and lots of water. (Honestly the hardest part of the hike for me was waiting for the next bathroom stop because I was drinking so much water!)

Seeing Rhett from the trail!!!

He was pretty confused and didn't know if he should stay with Lisa or go to me. But then he got really excited to see me and wouldn't let me out of his sight. He did not trust me anymore to even leave the room.

Dinner, ice cream, and some Canasta were the perfect last night to the trip! Thank you Petersons for such an amazing trip!


  1. Wow!! I have never been to the Grand Canyon, even though we lived in Phoenix and it was a short (enough) drive away. Now I wish we had taken advantage of the distance and gone! The rim to rim hike sounds amazing!!

  2. I loved reading about what Rhett was doing while you were hiking, and the picture of you seeing Rhett at the end of the trail. I am so proud of you. What an accomplishment!

  3. Amazing trip! What an accomplishment. Even in that heat!