Monday, August 19, 2013

And back to Utah...

We were only home for 7 days when we got the sad but happy news that my Grandpa Stan had passed away. He was only apart from his sweetheart for 42 days. He just couldn't be without her. I love their life story. It is one of love, sacrifice, simplicity, family, happiness, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 My Grandpa was one amazing man. He just knew how to work and enjoy it along the way. He was so productive and purposeful in the way he used his time. For Christmas this past year, he hand cracked walnuts from his yard for all of his grandchildren. This took hours and hours and hours of work, but he just had to be working on something, even if he couldn't be building houses or pruning peaches like he would have liked to be doing.

 My Grandpa served in the Air Force and was very patriotic. He loved to tell his war stories to us.

He was the church representative over the Johannesburg, South Africa temple as well as the San Diego temple. He loved the temple and helped me keep it a priority. He sealed Mitch and I on our wedding day which is one of the sweetest experiences of my life. He prayed for each of us by name and cared about the details in our lives.

 I am so glad Mitch could be at this funeral with me. Both my Grandma and my Grandpa's funerals made me want to live my life better and leave a legacy as meaningful as they left for us.

We only stayed for about 2 1/2 days but we had to squeeze in another trip up the canyon with family...

 All the Grandkids!

I think Rhett loves Robby just a little bit

Love these people!

mmmm banana boats!

6 am flight back to Houston came to quickly. Rhett got his own seat and even earned his wings!


  1. I love where you placed his wings! Ha! And the canyon, slide photos are so cute!

  2. I'm sorry about your grandpa Kelsie, but what a sweet love story that he got to go be with his sweetheart after just 6 weeks. *sigh*