Sunday, December 11, 2011

Surprise Visitors

5 weeks ago....
One Thursday after school, all the kids had left, and I was just talking with my assistant about how a parent had found out that I was pregnant. I noticed three people walking up the stairs and thought they were parents so I just waved and they kept walking to the other Pre Kindergarten teacher's room. But then I noticed one of them was Mitch holding his phone like he was videoing something. I looked closer and realized it was my sister and her husband!!!! I was shocked and all I could say was, "What the heck... What the heck!?"

It was like I could't even recognize them because I never would have pictured them to just wander into my classroom in Houston, Texas. I started crying and Minds and I just hugged and hugged. They both had "don't mess with texas" shirts on that they had bought at the airport.

Mitch had been keeping their visit a secret since May! I had no idea and was way impressed with Mitch's sneakin' skills. When I looked back though, he had been super suspicious about me reading his texts which was kind of sketchy but at least it was for a good reason.

We had so much fun showing them around our town. They had made a good list of stuff they wanted to see which made it nice for us cause we hadn't even seen some of it!

We walked around the Medical center....shout out to BCM (Baylor)

Went all bundled up to a free concert at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. (No we were not the only ones there although it looks like it.) It was too cold for most people.

We went to see some old houses in the Heights and ate at a "Hole in the Wall" restaurant. 

 We rode up to the 62nd floor of the JP Morgan Chase Building. Here it is straight from Wikipedia, " It is currently the tallest building in the city, the tallest building in Texas, the tallest five-sided building in the world, 12th tallest building in the United States, and the 54th tallest building in the world." Minds was pretty excited. It was a pretty cool view!

The best part of the whole trip was dinner the first night. We went to Cheesecake Factory but that's not why it was the best part. Mindy pulled out a little gift for our little baby and then passed me a card to go with it. It said something like, "Baby Peterson, your godparents (minds insists she is the godmother :) ) can't wait to meet you. We'd appreciate it if you'd keep an eye on the Dunn Baby coming in late May until you come. We'll repay you in lots of playdates later!

I had to re read it to really get it. Ahhhhhhh! I couldn't believe it. I was still getting over the shock of having them in Houston and then the best news ever! She told me that she was due only 7 weeks after me!! I don't think I have ever heard better news. They told us before they had gone to the doctor so they were still worried that everything would turn out ok but we just couldn't have been happier. We had so much fun talking about being pregnant. I remember praying that night and all I could think of to say was please please please bless our babies and how grateful I was over and over again. 

The next night, Minds had looked up a really yummy Korean restaurant that we decided to go to. I'm not so sure Mindy and Brady were glad we did. It was a little too Korean for them. Here's how the meal went....

Mitch was in heaven though. He couldn't get enough Kim Chi. Mindy tried one bite of Kim Chi and then spit it out/gagged and all she could say was "hate it. hate it!" Looks good right?

Our waitress was so excited to hear Mitch speak Korean. She was even more excited when she found out he had spent two years right in her home city! 

I wish I would've taken a picture of what happened after this dinner. Mitch and Brady are in their cowboy shirts cause we tried going country dancing after the dinner. Let's just say it wasn't really our crowd. We didn't even go in, we could just tell by the way the bouncers were looking at us that we were not going to like what we found inside. We felt like little teenagers getting kicked out of the dance walking back to our car. 

Saturday morning we went running around the "Rice Loop" and checked out Rice University. Like clockwork, Minds and I had to use the bathroom and grab a drink at the library. (it was nice to have someone with me who was as thirsty and had to use the bathroom as much as me.) Also like clockwork, we had to eat! We got bagels from Einstien's and while we were there, this crazy guy just started talking to us. His pick up line was "when did you graduate from high school?" Then he quickly followed with asking how old we were, when our birthdays were, and what we were doing in Houston. Just as we were leaving, he asked Minds and I if we were free. Pretty bold question to ask two couples. We were glad to get out of there.

Later, we walked around beautiful Hermann Park and enjoyed the nice Houston weather. While everyone else was in their coats and hats, Mitch and Brady were in their shorts. 60 is pretty cold for Houstonites. And Minds.

We had a random lady take this picture and as she was taking it, she told Minds to "get in close and make it look like you love your dad." Dad? We looked at Brady and could not for the life of us see how she could think that Brady was Mindy's dad. Wow. We could not stop laughing after she left.

Saturday night, Mitch and Brady watched the legendary Alabama vs LSU game while Minds and I went maternity/baby shopping and crafted!

On Monday, they went down to Brazo's Bend to see the alligators while I went to work. Brady almost got attacked by a nest of baby alligators but luckily came back alive.

 We went out to lunch after at Tacos a Go Go and it was a pretty fun restaurant. Cheap and yummy food too.

The worst part of the trip was dropping them off at the airport. We didn't cry because we knew we'd see each other in 3 weeks for Thanksgiving. Not yet at least. After I got home, I looked around and saw the games we had played, the popcorn bowl we had eaten out of, and a note Minds had written, and I started getting pretty sad. I just wished that we could live closer to them, especially now that we were both going through something so fun together. So I did what I do whenever I feel sad, clean! About twenty minutes later, Mitch found me on the couch, bawling. Mindy called me later from the Denver airport and told me she had been crying too. We must be pregnant. :) 

 12 weeks and 19 weeks along!

Thanks Minds and Brady for such amazing surprises and for coming to visit us! 


  1. I loved your post. That's so fun your sister and her hubby came to visit you. Surprises are the best. I am so excited for you two to have your babies so close in age. Looking at your pictures made me get homesick for Houston! Hopefully Josh and I can come back and visit sometime soon. Miss you guys!

  2. Are you sure you're 19 weeks in that picture? Where is your belly!? lol. Cute pics- glad you got to enjoy so much family time!

  3. that's awesome! sisters and surprises are the best :)

  4. Best trip ever! Full of surprises! I love being able to picture where you teach, where mitch goes to school, where you grocery shop, and where you have put down your roots for almost 2 yrs now. Love you!!

  5. So fun! I love surprises... I just can't keep surprises very well, so they end up not being surprises. Shoot. Anyway- which building is the 5 sided building? YOu can go up it? Does it cost?

  6. Amelia- I know I can't keep surprises very well either. The tower is the JP Chase Tower and yes it is free! It is very worth it. It's on 600 Travis Street down town.

  7. Cutest sisters ever. Hearing about this trip made me want to cry it was so cute!
    I'm so excited for those two little boys to be best buds.
    I am dying laughing about the part where the lady thought Brady was Mindy's DAD!
    HAHAHA maybe her son...

    1. I know seriously! Haha that's probably what the lady meant to your son! How are wedding plans Em?