Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look Alikes?

Lately I've been wondering what our little boy is going to look like. Will he have my eyes? Will he have Mitch's nose? Please don't let him have my skin. Please let him have Mitch's skin.  Will he have dark hair or light hair? Will he have Mitch's crazy cowlick? All I know is that we are going to love this little boy so much! It is so fun to get to know him through his movements all day. The ultrasounds give a little hint of what he will look like, but not much...

                                                               11 weeks

                                                                         18 weeks

20 weeks

I also know that if he looks anything like this guy, he is going to be so cute! These are my favorite Christmas ornaments from Mitch's mom last year. Mitch's homemade elementary school presents.

 Mitch has always been an amazing husband and even more so since I've been pregnant. He has done my number one least favorite thing to do- make a meal and grocery list for the week a few times, he cooks, does laundry, cleans, gets me random things that I'm craving, and gives me foot/back rubs after a long day.

Even if our little boy doesn't look like his dad (which I really hope he does), I hope he is as sweet and as good as his dad. I am so lucky to have such an incredible husband who is so excited to be a dad. I can't wait to start this crazy adventure and raise our son together!

I made Mitch write a note to our baby after he felt him move for the first time a couple of weeks ago (I know kind of weird) but I thought it was a big moment. Maybe it was just pregnancy hormones, but it made me tear up...

"Hey Little Guy!

Tonight I felt you moving in your mom's belly for the first time. It was fun to feel close to you and know that you are doing alright. Every ultrasound you look extra comfy and it seems like you are moving around and figuring things out. Your mom and I try to sing to you each night. Lately we've been going with the Christmas tunes. I dream about who you will be. I am just excited to get to be a part of your life and to help you accomplish your dreams. I love you so much my boy! I can't wait until we get to meet face to face.

With all my love,

Thanks Mitch for all you do for me and our baby. I love you!


  1. well, i was pretty dang close to tearing up reading this post-and i can't blame it on pregnancy hormones!

    those petereson boys were all super cute when they were little (something i discovered while picking slideshow pictures for the wedding) sooo...the next peterson boy definitely will be. :)

  2. So excited for you Kels! And tell Mindy I say congrats! All I can think about when I think of her is when she would drive up to soccer practice with that goose on the front of her van! (I think it was a goose).. So funny! Hope you're doing great!