Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hightailin' it to Houston

Packing up our house to move all the way to Texas seemed very very scary to me. My mother-in-law Lisa is a pro packer though with lots of experience and made the process so fast and easy! Thanks to my mom and Lisa, packing was not bad...well not that bad. We were sad to leave our cute Springville house behind where we had made so many fun memories our first year of marriage, but were also excited about our new adventure.
                 The moving and cleaning crew. The Petersons and my mom and sister were so nice to come and help us move out. It was my cute sister in law Amanda's birthday and she was just working away! Our wonderful ward helped us too. My favorite part was seeing Mitch's 12 year old scouts there to help with whatever they could lift. What great boys that Mitch will definitely miss. 

         This was our cushy 28 hour drive down to Houston. My dad drove the truck most the time and we followed behind in our Honda playing the jelly bean game, mad libs, 20 questions, and opening fun presents from Lisa every 100 miles! 

 We tried to make the road trip fun for Nats but we shouldn't have even tried. I think she slept 24 out of the 28 hours and still somehow managed to sleep at night! 

We stopped in San Antonio and saw the beautiful riverwalk and the Alamo. 

We finally made it to our place! Humidity, Heat, and Hair problems. It really is beautiful here though. We love our condo and it's so close to Baylor medical school which is great.

28 hours of driving plus unloading a truck full of stuff plus unpacking for a whole day makes for a pretty tired family. So we decided to go swimming!
                                     Southern Barbecue! 

We saw Wicked! When I found out it was playing in Houston the weekend we got into Houston, I just had to go. It was amazing and so much fun to be there with our family. 

It was so nice having my mom and dad and Nats here to help us get settled and comfortable in our new place. We had so much fun while they were here and it was so hard for me to drop them off at the airport, knowing I wouldn't see them for two whole weeks until Emily's wedding. Just kidding. But it really was hard to see them go and know I was heading back to an empty house. Mitch was at a Med school overnighter for orientation at this "resort" with alligators and everything! 

This has been such a fun adventure so far and we have made some  great friends and memories already!


  1. Love it kels! Your place looks so cute!! Keep the pics coming!

  2. Hi kids! I just got your blog address from Melissa. I am so pumped that I know EXACTLY where you live. Well, okay, not the exact house, but the exact complex. And I am still riding a Wicked high from seeing it the end of April for the first time. I bought the CD and am determined to know all the lyrics well enough so I can sing at the top of my lungs while vacuuming, one of my favorite things to do (not the vacuuming, the singing). I also know a lot of the people in your ward. That is SO crazy! I hope you are settling in and getting used to the humidity. Love you guys!

  3. This is a great blog, Kels!

    Glad the substitute teaching went well. :)