Monday, August 16, 2010

Saying goodbyes

Saying goodbye to the best grandparents around.  Love you guys!
Sara planned a fun Mother Daughter breakfast before we left. Lots of fun times with good friends!

Some Dawgs. Some Bocce. Nuff Said

These little kids are my favorite! They love each other so much. Rex is always cuddling his little sister Eve and calls her Little Laders. Richard loves her too but doesn't know how to be as nice and soft quite yet.
My cute sister Minds. I will miss having sleepovers while our husbands are on their weekly camp-outs with the scouts.

This was just a couple of weeks before Emily got married. What a cute bride and new wife! Emily, Brooke and I have gone through pretty much every life stage together...except for this one in Texas!
Nats is just starting 9th grade and all that comes with it. Friends, cell phones, boys, and endless teasing from my Dad. Wish I could see those long legs in her cute cheer uniform the first time she cheers on good 'ol Oly. Go Bulldogs!
We will miss our cute nephews so much! As you can tell from their cute little smiles, they are special boys.

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  1. so cute kelsie! I am sure you are being missed by them too, Yay for an adventure of a lifetime ;)