Thursday, October 8, 2015

First Birthday for Ruby Jane

That's my little birthday girl on her birthday morning. I love her! She gave me the best gift by waking up early and falling back asleep in my bed, right on my chest. She never does that. But it was perfect and reminded me of the first time I held her right after she was born. I started the day off emotional already! It also made it tricky getting her birthday bed balloons ready because I didn't want her to roll off the bed. I propped some pillows up and woke up with Rhett while she kept sleeping. 

Rhett helped me make her hootennany pancakes which he kept calling "ruby's pancake." "can I have some more Ruby pancake?" She woke up right in time for breakfast. Rhett and I took some balloons in and tossed them on the bed and she loved it!  Both kids looked at the pancake wondering if it would be edible.

She liked the candle more than she liked the pancake, but Rhett made up for it and ate a ton. He loves anything with syrup on it. 

Mitch made it home from his long 30 hour overnight shift and we got to just play and enjoy all being together. Ruby got a good morning nap and we headed to Chick fil A for lunch.

We figured we should probably buy her her own meal since it was her birthday and she chowed it down! This girl can eat!

I had so much fun planing her birthday party. Fall birthdays are the best! With the apple orchard right in our backyard, I had to do an apple party. The orchard has the best view of Mt. Olympus and the weather was just perfect. 

Mitch, my mom, and Minds helped so much!

The boys couldn't wait for Nana's yummy (12 times'd!! whoops) soup with all the treats out. 

Her little apple smash cake!

I think my favorite thing about Ruby's party was this last minute picture collage of her first year of life. It was the perfect thing to do the night before her birthday. Mitch was at work that night so I was just by myself going through each month of her first year picking my favorite pictures of her. So many fun and special memories. I couldn't believe how much joy she had brought into our lives. 

 The guests were just the best! 



Love that little pudgy hand grabbing an apple. Pretty sure it's Rhett's. I doubt he ate more than one bite.

Mitch had the cute idea of displaying all these gifts on the ladder in the orchard. He told me this better be on Pinterest by the morning.

The soup my mom made was definitely the hit, and the caramel apple bar was pretty yummy too. 

Can't beat apples right off the tree.

We did this Korean tradition that Mitch learned on his mission we did with Rhett on his first birthday where you put a bunch of objects out and see what they choose. Ruby chose me! I loved it. She didn't want anything on the blanket she just kept trying to walk to me. Eventually she chose tennis!

This girl knows how to smash a cake! Such an American tradition- here's an entire cake just for you and all you do is dig in and eat as much as you can and make as big of a mess as possible. Now that's good entertainment. 

She was getting impatient while we were singing to her.  

She started out with a spoon but pretty quickly just dug in!

This girl got spoiled! She got such cute clothes and fun gifts. 

Happy birthday Ruby Jane! We loved celebrating you and even more, we love every day we have with you. You are so loved!

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  1. this is so darling and perfect in every way! she is the cutest!