Tuesday, October 27, 2015

26.2 and YOU

Minds and I decided to sign up for the St. George marathon and I thought I probably wouldn't get in the first year since it's so hard to get in usually. Well of course the year I sign up, they let everyone that signed up in- first time ever! So I was stuck running it. And I'm so glad I was stuck! It was such an incredible experience.

I drove down with Mindy and Brady (Mitch was working the weekend and I left my kiddos till he got home with my mom and the next day with Lisa) Friday at 3 and drove home the next day after running the marathon at 2. So we drove to St. George, ran a marathon, and drove home in a little over 24 hours. It was so crazy and so fun!

We picked up our numbers around 8 and then got Olive Garden to go. The whole town was so crazy busy. I got to have a sleepover with Tagg which was awesome. He is such a cute kid. I was missing my kiddos but it was also a nice break!

We got up at 4 (really didn't sleep much at all that night) and left to get on the bus. It was so organized I couldn't believe it! It was pretty intimidating driving for a half hour up the canyon thinking- suds I have to run this all!

We got to the top and it literally looked like we were all at a refugee camp. Everyone was wrapped up in Mylar blankets and looked lost. People were huddled around fires trying to stay warm. Minds and I were dancing and chatting and just excited to start running.

We started off at a great pace but slowly, our lack of training kicked in. My knees were killing and Mindy's hips were so painful. We switched music, we chatted, we ate lots of little snacks at each aid station, used icy hot like it was going out of business, skipped, and anything else we could think of to keep going. Brady met us around mile 18 and helped us through till the end.

Around mile 22 I just wanted it to be over! I kept thinking where is that finish line?!! Seeing those white balloons arched over the finish line was pretty amazing. We ran the whole race together and crossing the finish line together was so awesome! We both picked up some fun free stuff and then collapsed for a while on the grass.

Such an amazing experience that I will never forget. Love that I got to share it with my best friend! And I was all recharged and ready to get back to my cutest kids! They had a blast with their grandmas and dad while I was gone.

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